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On Netflix, the second season of "Masters of all trades" — the title-winning Comedy series by Aziz Ansari-has appeared. Time Out asked comedian and screenwriter Denis Chuzhoy (you know him from the video of the party "Insecure Russia") to choose the 10 best and funniest, in his opinion, series from stand-up artists.


"Master not for all hands" (from 2015 to the present)

Aziz Ansari, an American comedian of Indian descent, is known to Comedy fans for his role as the sarcastic petty official Tom from the TV series "Parks and recreation". In 2015, acting and stand-up merits helped Ansari get his own sitcom "Master of none". A simple series about the life and growing up of the new York actor dev won the audience with the sincerity and vitality of situations. For example, the first season opens with a scene where dev and a little-known girl go in an uber to get birth control pills. All the same, is it?


"Seinfeld" (1989-1998)

Jerry Seinfeld's eponymous series set a bar that all stand-up comedians who migrate to sitcoms have been trying to reach for many years. Almost plotless description of everyday life of a popular comedian and his neurotic friends conquered the whole world. Young screenwriters still hold posters of "Seinfeld" above their desks and dream of repeating its success.

But Jerry himself had almost retired from television work. Realizing that magnum opus is already written, filmed and released, Seinfeld lives for his own pleasure-shooting a cute, but optional show" Comedians in cars getting coffee " (Comedians in cars getting coffee) and drives with stand-up. Jerry has also not released concerts for almost 19 years, although he recently signed a contract with Netflix. In the near future, we are waiting for a new performance of Seinfeld, and then, look, and until the return of the sitcom is not far away. Fortunately, the entire main cast is alive and well.


Black's bookstore (2000-2004)

The series about the misanthropic owner of a bookstore, Bernard black, made the popular British comedian Dylan Moran a global star. In the" Bookstore " black drinks, quarrels with customers and makes the store (which is also his apartment) in a state where no one goes to him, and if he comes, then quickly runs away.

"Black's bookstore" is only three seasons of six episodes, so those who want a Supplement will inevitably have to watch stand-up concerts by Dylan Moran. Fortunately, his stage persona is not much different from that of Bernard black: he also drinks, waves his hands and swears. By the way, Moran's partner in" Bookstore " bill Bailey is also a stand-up comedian, and even a musical one. Don't miss his "Extraordinary guide to the Symphony orchestra


"Slow development" (2003-2006)

For his postmodern masterpiece, Mitchell Hurwitz has assembled a sumptuous cast: from Michael CERA and Jason Bateman to Liza Minnelli and Charlize Theron. But we are interested in David Cross, who plays Tobias Funke, a former psychiatrist, aspiring actor and possibly gay. Its outputs are one of the pearls of "developmental Delay". Although the entire series is almost genius. The humor in "Delay" is so layered that you can watch the same season two or three times almost without losing pleasure.

To appreciate cross's stand-up talent, watch His making America Great Again concert with a critique of you know who. And don't miss the sketch show Mr. Show, in which Cross stars alongside Better call Saul star Bob Odenkirk.

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