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Old but loved ones: 10 TV series of the 90s and 2000s  

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Despite the popularity of Netflix, the real king of series is rightfully HBO. "Game of Thrones", "Rome", "The world of the Wild West", "Euphoria", "Sex And the City" — in the track record of HBO over the years has accumulated a lot of" the most-most " cult series. Time Out chose the best series that aired on this American cable TV channel.


"Tales from the crypt»

Tales from the Crypt, 1989–1996

Long before "American horror story" viewers were scared of "Tales from the crypt". Every week the rotting dead man from the crypt told a new horror story. He had enough stories in his cache for six seasons of the series, a couple of feature films, and an animated series.

"Sex and the city»

Sex and the City, 1998–2004

The former glory of once one of the flagship hbo series has somewhat faded, but this does not detract from its past revolutionary character. In 1998, truly realistic images of single, independent women appeared on television for the first time. The main characters of "SVBG"-friends Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte living in new York-were significantly different from their too one-dimensional predecessors, and women who watched the series received signals that at thirty you can have fun as well as at twenty, that it is equally normal to want and not want to get married, that you can be a strong and independent career woman, that sex is important, and it should be talked about, that relationships are not perfect, and so on.




"The Soprano Clan»

The Sopranos, 1999–2007

The crime drama "the Sopranos" about mobster Tony Soprano, which aired on HBO from 1999 to 2007, became a real cultural phenomenon: the series was watched by millions of people, and it so strongly rooted in the minds of Americans that to this day it is often referred to in other series, as well as in movies, literature and music. For example, the series is very popular with rappers — Jay-Z mentions it in a joint track with Beyonce "Crazy In Love», Gucci main - in "Brick Flair" and " I Live On TV», Snoop Dogg-in "Smoke".


The Wire

The Wire, 2002–2008

In America, "The Wire" is considered perhaps the greatest TV series of all time because of its topicality and hyper reality. The police drama (often featuring real cops and repeat offenders) consistently exposed the problems of the city of Baltimore: from drug trafficking to smuggling, a devilish bureaucracy and a decadent school system. By refusing to divide the world into black and white, the show produced a million shades of gray: the idiot sometimes had a good idea, the bastard had a human side, and so on.

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