Tom Smith and Andy Burrows together again, the sun but not too much

Tom Smith and Andy Burrows together again, the sun but not too much

What seemed to be a collaboration destined to fizzle out with a solo album, now has a new continuation. Tom Smith, lead vocalist, and baritone voice of the Editors and Andy Burrows, former drummer of Razorlight and the holder of a prolific solo career, joined another time the forces in the nine years away from the disk of christmas, but not only, the “Funny Looking Angels”.

Tom Smith and Andy Burrows together again, the sun but not too much

Two friends, a pub and a phone

The collaboration has brought together the two friends, by the title of “Only Smith & Burrows Is Good Enough”, is a collection of ten songs from the taste pop, fresh and funny, that they seem to depart from the spirit and sour pub that Andy and Tom like to attend, to tell their stories between a pint and another. Despite their commitments, the project took shape, starting by a phone call that Burrows has done to Smith during the last tour of the Editors and ask him to give added depth to a story already quite finished, which, in the intentions of the author was to link the Bee Gees with Take That. From that initial “I want you back in my life”, in which you collect the shards of a love which is now over, the spring is taken between the musicians made it possible for an album, light-hearted and ironic, but also dynamic and full of vitality.

Solar, but not too much

Far from the atmospheres the darkest moments of its predecessor, the album for the sake of brevity called “Only Good Enough”, brings together songs from a strong radio as “Spaghetti” (where the cheese is a metaphor for the tuning of a cheeky “sucking you down”), “the Old TV show” and “Parliament hill” toghether with a propensity for the joy nonsense, and the need to let go for a soft atmosphere that the combination of two sounds, characteristic of Smith and the most tenuous of Burrows, does a good job of transmitting.

And yet, between vintage echoes, choruses choral, snaps fingers and the mixture between acoustic and electronic, in the midst of such splendor, back in the texts of the regrets of the heart, the eternal disappointment and the desire to let yourself finally the worst behind us.

So, in the phrases a regular schedule of “Aimee ” move on” or in the rhythm of tropical “Buccaneer rum jum” emerges with force a human dimension that pervades with a melancholy, sentimental, never cloying work otherwise brilliant. Lively and at the same time, the deep, the imaginary, Smith and Burrows is made up of contrasts-light and full-bodied, from the contagious vivacity of “Too late,” the aforementioned “I want you back in my life”, going to the beat of “Bottle tops” and the need for introspection “to Straight up like a Mohican”. Compare and comforted by the themes of old age, the responsibility and the loss of innocence, the two artists try to cope with their daily lives without losing their sense of humour by seasoned british.

A hymn to life and to its own defects

With “Only ” Good Enough”, however, that of the soul, a little troubled that he had made the fortune of both his plan seems to have been too was happy to return, leaving the field to a sequence of tracks that, putting aside the pathos of their moments, the most restless, mainly aims to spread the signals of positivity to the cosmos.

A hymn to life in all its revised the beauty that try to come to an agreement ugge and hopes through the strange euphoria of voices, piano, and guitars – the title comes from the old commercial advertising of Gibson, “Only a Gibson is good enough”, unearthed in Nashville, where the album was recorded – that frills prefer the simplicity of being among old friends. Turning around to the idea of surrendering to their dilemmas faced or continue to face the challenges of every day, Andy and Tom seem to point to a decidedly second street, taking courage together. .

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