The rock, according to the Black Crowes

The rock, according to the Black Crowes

The review

The last concert that I would have to see the before of this pandemic was that of the Black Crowes: in February 2020, after the Sanremo Festival, I had to go to London, at the presentation of the tour and reunion. Then a matter of the family made me stay in Milan and only went there with a colleague. I thought that so I met them in November: on the contrary, we will have to wait until the end of 2021, if it will go well. Small consolation, in the meantime: finally comes the reissue of “Shake Your Money Maker”, who turned 30 years old last year.

The rock, according to the Black Crowes

The ’90s and the rock

When you came out of this album I was a kid in the continuous search of new rock. Me advised him a friend-a mentor is a great lover of the blues, who made me the boxes with the classics. His wife had made the shop of disks of the city (there is more: thanks Muzak!) and when he came to me suggested. I remember well the effect that made me: an album of surprising and powerful, very different from the music spinning around in that time period. It was the beginning of the 1990s and the grunge was not yet exploded. It was love at first sight: they have remained one of my favorite bands, in spite of everything and despite the soap opera that has seen the two brothers Robinson wash your dirty linen in public up to what looked like the end of 2013.

With the benefit of hindsight, my favorite album of the band remains “Amorica”, who would come back 4 years later and contained the sequence of crazy “Ballad in urgency”/”Wiser time”. But “Shake Your Money Maker” still plays very well today, maybe because he was playing out of time so: – between the Stones and the blues-rock, with the peaks of the absolute as “Jealous again” and the ballads “She talks to angels” and especially “Sister luck,” with that intersection between the item hyper expressive and Chris ‘ guitars, Rich (here, if interested, there is the full story of the disk)


In version 3 CD, “Shake your money maker” is remarkable: the second CD contains several new songs, including two demo of Mr. Crowe’s Garden, the band pre-Black Crowes: there is also the first version of “She talks to angels”. Also between the demo and the brand, there are remarkable things: my favorite remains the rock version of “Jealous guy” by John Lennon.

The box closes with a concert: I have posted many of them, especially from the last few years, in the then – were one of the first bands to use the platform of the bootleg official. But this is notable: that is named “The Homecoming Concert”, was that of the return you home at the end of 1990, in Atlanta, after that the disk had exploded. The versions of the songs on the record are even more powerful, and in the lineup unreleased tracks such as “You’re Wrong,” or songs that would appear on the second album, “Shake ‘Em On Down”. But go straight to the version of the blues rock of “Get back” by the Beatles: one of the performances.
I can’t wait to see them live.



01. Twice As Hard (04:11)
02. Jealous Again (04:36)
03. Sister Luck (05:14)
04. Could I’ve Been So Blind (03:44)
05. Seeing Things (05:18)
06. Hard To Handle (03:08)
07. Thick N’ Thin (02:42)
08. She Talks To Angels (05:30)
09. Struttin’ Blues (04:10)
10. Stare It Cold (05:15)
11. Mercy, Sweet Moan (01:10)


01. Charming Mess (03:33)
02. 30 Days In The Hole (03:46)
03. Don’t Wake Me (03:35)
04. Jealous Guy (04:57)
05. Waitin’ Guilty (03:04)
06. Hard To Handle – With Horns Remix (03:12)
07. Jealous Again – Acoustic Version (04:50)
08. She Talks To Angels – Acoustic Version (06:23)
09. She Talks To Angels – Mr. Crowe’s Garden Demo (05:11)
10. Front Porch Sermon, and Mr. Crowe’s Garden Demo (03:58)


01. Introduction – To-Live – Atlanta, December 1990 (00:16)
02. Thick N’ Thin – Live – Atlanta, December 1990 (02:42)
03. You’re Wrong – Live – Atlanta, December 1990 (06:32)
04. Twice As Hard – To-Live – Atlanta, December 1990 (04:23)
05. Could’ve Been So Blind – Live – Atlanta, December 1990 (04:15)
06. Seeing Things – To-Live – Atlanta, December 1990 (05:51)
07. She Talks To Angels – Live – Atlanta, December 1990 (06:20)
08. Sister Luck – Live – Atlanta, December 1990 (05:36)
09. Hard To Handle – Live – Atlanta, December 1990 (03:30)
10. Shake ‘Em On Down – Live – Atlanta, December 1990 (04:28)
11. Get Back – To-Live – Atlanta, December 1990 (04:55)
12. Struttin’ Blues – Live – Atlanta, December 1990 (05:01)
13. Words You Throw Away – Live – Atlanta, December 1990 (13:44)
14. Stare It Cold – Live – Atlanta, December 1990 (05:19)
15. Jealous Again – Live – Atlanta, December 1990 (05:38)

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