The Detroit, Alice Cooper

The Detroit, Alice Cooper

Buckle up, the rocker of the Motor City pays homage to his hometown

The Detroit, Alice Cooper

The review

In the face of the 73-year-old played Alice Cooper show no sign of slowing down and is in full working for the joy of old and new fans, who treat him with the proper respect that it has earned a musician for over fifty years the crowd is my great honor to the stages of the rock. Only for cronacare the last five years and give an account of his recent activities, Vincent Furnier, the name that is registered at the register, he invented the Hollywood Vampires with the xactor-guitarist Johnny Depp and guitarist of Aerosmith, Joe Perry, and with this formation released two albums, “Hollywood Vampires” (2015) and “Rise” (2019).

In this period of time he has left out the production soloist, placing on the market the album .”Paranormal” in 2017, and the EP, “Breadcrumbs” in 2019. Now, for the man called Alice Cooper, the time has come to usher in the new decade. And to do it resumes the conversation started a couple of years ago with “Breadcrumbs”, honoring, since the title, “Detroit Stories”, the city of his birth.

Detroit, the car and the music

The city of Detroit is located in the eastern United States, specifically in the state of Michigan, in the region of the Great Lakes.

Do not think that it is a megalopolis, on the contrary. Today has a population of less than 700,000 inhabitants (but in the Fifties, almost two million inhabitants, is the eighteenth most populated city in the United States (even if you include the metropolitan area the number of people residing there rises to over four million). It’s called the Motor City, because it is the recognized capital of the american auto industry. Here, Henry Ford built the first car at the end of the Nineteenth century, and is home to the General Motors.

Motor city, but also of the music. And’ in fact the city of Motown (from motor town, eccerto) Berry Gordy label in the Sixties defined the canons of soul and rhythm and blues. In the following decade, the Seventies, Detroit moves the centre of his attention to music from melodic black sound towards an abrasive and hard rock. Of the artistic scene of the Detroit of those years, Cooper stresses as there were no barriers between this and that genre of music: “another strange thing of Detroit was that Motown and rock ‘n’ roll spun in love and harmony.

We played and looking down, in the middle of the audience there was Smokey Robinson, was one of the Supremes, and there were two boys of the Temptations. They were all there because it was rock’n’roll hot and sweaty. For them it was only the music. They were living the best period of their life. And the rock groups went to see the groups of Motown. It was only a matter of ‘How good is the music?’ These two forms of music in Detroit, lived side by side with great success.”.

This is not Los Angeles, baby

Alice Cooper – yes, in the beginning was the name of the group, which now identifies the only Vincent Furnier – after trying to fly to Los Angeles and returned, at the orders of Bob Ezrin, a producer who later earn the nickname of the legendary, to develop their art in his native Detroit.

So explain what happened (and who better than him) the same as Alice Cooper: “Detroit was the center of the scene-Heavy Rock of that period. The Eastown performed in the Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, the Stooges and the Who for 4 dollars! The weekend after the Big beccavi MC5, Brownsville Station, and Fleetwood Mac, or Savoy Brown, and Small Faces. You couldn’t help the soft-rock otherwise you would have kicked.

Los Angeles had its sound with the Doors, Love, and Buffalo Springfield. San Francisco had the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. In New York there were Rascals and the Velvet Underground. But Detroit was the birthplace of hard rock angry. There was no place in the United States where you can feel part (both musically and from the point of view of the image), Detroit was the only place that recognized the typical hard rock sound and our crazy live shows. Detroit was a safe haven for the marginalized.we were at the house.”.

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