Sites For Listening to Music For Free

Sites For Listening to Music For Free

5 Sites for listening to music

Hello all, today I will tell you about the sites (portals) on which you can download music for example your own, also on these sites (portals) you can listen, download, comment, share music, subscribe to people and much more ;)In short, small music social networks, audio hosting services.

Sites For Listening to Music For Free

5. LastFM

Social network it will be of interest primarily to music fans. Using a special Scrobbler program, captures every track you listen to and adds it to your account statistics. On your web page, you can view the number of songs you have listened to and the popularity rating of all your songs and artists. Based on statistics, recommends music to you. Accordingly, the more statistics, the more accurate the recommendations are. The PC app also allows you to listen to online radio based on your music preferences or the tastes of any selected user. The free version has 30 listening sessions per day. You can add other users as friends and view your “music compatibility” with them.

Mixcloud is a cloud-based service for storing and playing music shows, podcasts, and DJ mixes on demand. The service offers broadcasts in two categories: music (classical, jazz, techno, etc.) and conversational (business, humor, culture, education, news, politics, sports, and technology).

3. Spotify

Spotify is a giant (in terms of audience and amount of content) and relatively old streaming music service, collaborating with the same giant music labels, with a multi-million audience, with the possibility of paid and free access. As with Google Play Music, it allows you to listen to music both from your computer, from the cloud, and from your own bins. However, since such service giants as Google and Apple have appeared in Nigeria, it may be easier to bypass the difficulties of Spotify by changing the music source.

SoundHost is an online platform (mobile and web) that allows you to listen to your favorite music online, follow the creativity of artists, and follow musical events.

Main characteristic:

– ability to subscribe to performers

– listen to music, discuss and rate tracks

– keep up to date with artists ‘ activities

– keep up to date with important music events

– convenient and easy insertion of music from SoundHost to any other site

The user who created the account can upload music, create playlists, chat with other participants, subscribe to their news, and send private messages. You can set privacy settings for your profile, as well as make it individual by adding a cover and avatar, create playlists, and much more…

Still, on SoundHost you can (Download, download, sell, listen to music)

There are a lot of features – fast loading of tracks, downloading, easy listening to tracks, the ability to comment and approve tracks, and much more…

Music audio hosting SoundHost


Sites For Listening to Music For Free

Initially, the SoundCloud service was launched as an online platform for independent musicians, where they could publish their works, exchange experiences with colleagues and communicate with fans. To do this, each registered user is given the opportunity to download up to three hours of their own music, with the option to increase this value when purchasing a paid account.

Thanks to the efforts of the creators, one of whom is a professional sound engineer, and the other is a musician, SoundCloud set a fairly high-quality bar from the very beginning and was able to avoid becoming an ordinary musical garbage dump, filled with low — quality and pirated content. An interesting community of independent musicians formed around the service and its catalog was quickly filled with unique content. Therefore, it is not surprising that just a few years after the launch, SoundCloud cheerfully reported about ten million subscribers. Currently, more than 175 million listeners use this service every month.

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