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Post Malone – I Know Download

Written by Kecy
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Post Malone – I Know Free Audio Download

“I Know” is the penultimate song on Post Malone’s 2019 album, Hollywood’s Bleeding. On the track, Post pairs a catchy flow with soft percussion and explores the outcome of a broken relationship, focusing on his disappointment in the success of the relationship.


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“I Know Lyrics”

[Verse 1] Our love will never be another
You’re just a devil undercover (Undercover)
Found you when you were in the gutter (In the gutter)
Shit was sweet until I was a sucker, shout out Jonas Brothers
I learned more than I cared to discover (Discover)
Don’t you know that I’m more than a come up? (Come up)
You act up and then act like it’s nothin’ (Nothin’)
Sold your soul, you stone cold, you a stunner (Stunner)

[Pre-Chorus] Every time you left (Left), shit was never right (Right)
In another bed (Bed) every single night (Night)
Had it to a science (Science), you were so precise (‘Cise)
See it in your eyes (Eyes), saw you in the light (Light)
Somehow, mami, I still want you
Listen to me, don’t drive away (Don’t drive away)
Kill me softly, your hold on me is (Ooh)
Somethin’ I can’t explain

[Chorus] I know you could never be my bitch (Yeah)
Shit could never be like this (Oh)
I know, stop thinkin’ you’re in my plans (Plans)
Hunnid times you blew another chance (Chance)
I know you were gettin’ down on the low (Down the low)
Then runnin’ back to me in the morning (In the morning)
I know shit could never be like this
You could never be my bitch
No, no

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