Popcaan – RPG Download

Written by Kecy
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Popcaan – RPG Free Audio Download

Jamaican deejay, singer and songwriter from the parish of St. Thomas, Popcaan has released another unique piece tagged “RPG“.


“RPG Lyrics”

[Intro] Dread bumbohole, a wha’ you feel like?
You cyan style none of di man friend dem inna no batty argument, bwoy
You no see say you a fish?
A badman song that?
Hear wha’ gwan

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Yo, Shampoo!
St. Thomas!
Spanish Town!
Weh dem a do?
(Go get them!)

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[Hook] RPG (woii yoii)
Doraine a go read ’bout ya bloodclaat body tonight pon di damn T.V
Buss out di dread bwoy head, with the bumboclaat
Mi zoom up yuh funeral from ’08 tonight, and a watch it inna 3D

[Verse 1] Bumboclaat
Bwoy take one month fi find chune
A wha’ happen to Jamaican Meek Mill?
Mi fit dem pack up like yellow bus
And none a dem don’t waan refill
Di dread a nuh nothing fi me kill
Yuh grave a nuh nothing fi me build
A walking ghost, so a free kill
Bwoy ‘member a you tell Jamaica “a bwoy like you”
A di axe dem mi use pon a bwoy like you
Chop you up fine, like steam callaloo
Five shot inna yuh head, and everything fly through
Miller 9 know you a punk
All you a do a pull badman stunt
Brand new Smith and Wesson mi go lift up
And mek di dutty dread bwoy swallow black blunt (Hoii!)
Wha’ do da bwoy ya weh bad every month?
Weh nyam bere gyal inna him blue Benz front
Pussy, you done dead from ’08
Inna ‘016 a yuh ghost me a hunt
Mi mek you move in inna hearse
You cyan style Jamie Roberts
You fi talk ’bout over South Beach when inna you face, Tameka squirt
(Bloodclaat than nuh man! A di big sister that)

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