Popcaan – It Real Download

Written by Kecy
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Popcaan – It Real Free Audio Download

Jamaican deejay, singer and songwriter from the parish of St. Thomas, Popcaan has released another unique piece tagged “It Real“.


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“It Real Lyrics”

[Intro] Mini
Yeah (it real)
Real (cyan get no realer)
Real (ah hah, it real)
Joke thing that

[Chorus] It real, say mi bredda did fake
Say mi bredda did fake
It real, say mi bredda did fake
Whole heap of dem a snake

[Verse 1] Some man only real sometime
Some a dem only waan see you win sometime
Cyaan tell how me feel sometime
Same people you feed waan you fi rob time
Me feel fi kill dem sometime
Dem people yah fuck ’round me medz sometime
Popskull stay real every time, all when life sour like lime
People, so quick fi sell you out
Same people, me grandmother tell me ’bout
A wha’ this you mek me hear ’bout
Everything weh me do yah a spread it with your mouth
You change like the weather
Me think you did a me bredda
Right now bare killy waan knock you out
Like Floyd Mayweather

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[Bridge] Bwoy you just a spread man name weakling to the chain
You a play waan dead man game
And any time you try set me up and you place get shell
A you bloodclaat mouth you fi blame
Saint Thomas inna bush unruly man train
Man wild like dog cyaan get me fi tame
Bwoy dem a team up a try stop me fame
That mean whole heap of grain ’cause life anuh game

[Chorus] It real, say mi bredda did fake
Say mi bredda did fake
It real, say mi bredda did fake
The bwoy a one snake
It real, say mi bredda did fake
(Real) me bredda did fake
Real, say mi bredda did fake

[Verse 2] Dem a pray fi me dead, bere bad prayer
The whole a dem just black fire
Swear ‘pon me life any bwoy try stop my food
Dem skin haffi burn like tire
Fi get my things me no blow like dryer
And badmind a one of the fastest thing
But mek my machine dem fire
Never know when man a sing ‘pon choir
Now me a waan youth weh the world admire
How you fi do me that, bredda
‘Member seh man turn you in often flyer

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