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Movies about New year and Christmas for family viewing  

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There are only a few days left before the new year holidays. The house smells of Christmas cakes, garlands wink cheerfully, and a sparkling Christmas tree mysteriously promises the fulfillment of wishes.

Favorite movies about the New year and Christmas are gathered at the TV set of relatives and friends, delighting with unforgettable moments and long-familiar melodies. The best Christmas comedies raise the mood and make children laugh merrily, filling the house with happiness.

We have compiled for you a whole list of new year's movies for the whole family, so that you can choose a movie to your liking and spend a wonderful evening together with your children.

1. "Home Alone" (USA)

The list of the best new year films has long been headed by this picture. It was so popular with the audience that the creators removed as many as six parts of it. The plot, perhaps, is known to all. Parents with many children in a hurry forget to take their youngest son, Kevin, on a Christmas trip. The boy turns out not to be a miss and quite calmly uses his father's credit card, orders food to a hotel room, successfully fights bandits and is quite able to survive alone in an unfamiliar city. A lot of funny situations, your favorite music and a completely charming main character make you turn on this Comedy from year to year and enjoy watching it, getting into the spirit of Christmas. movies about new year and Christmas for family viewing

2. "Charlie and the chocolate factory" (USA, 2005)

This story is probably one of the best foreign Christmas movies. Charlie, a boy from a poor family, does not believe his luck: he is one of the lucky five who won a tour of Willy Wonka's candy factory. No one managed to get into the Holy of holies-the production of magically delicious sweets. Can you imagine anything better than a Chocolate river and a pink sugar boat, floating lollipops and sweet peppermint? The secrets of the factory will take you with them, make you rejoice and worry about the heroes. And the main characters will help you understand how important the family is for a person. Well, and, of course, it will not do without festive miracles – that's what Christmas is for!

3. "The Christmas story" (USA, Canada, 1983)

Well, sit back and get ready for a hearty family laugh. Just imagine yourself in the place of the parents of a child who demands as a gift not something, but a real air rifle! Little Ralphie tried every possible method: begging his parents, writing about his dream in a school essay, and even talking about it with Santa while sitting on his lap. Everywhere the answer was always "You'll knock your own eye out!" And if you mix all these requests with dad's strange attachment to the lamp in the form of a woman's foot and his eternal struggle with the Smoking stove, my mom's endless attempts to feed my younger brother Ralphie and the constant flight of the main character from the neighborhood hooligans, it turns out a kind of merry Christmas pun, which makes the whole family

4. "Miracle on 34th street" (USA, 1994)

Little Susan is growing up without a dad. She no longer believes in Santa Claus – her mother told the girl that there are no miracles. But even without expecting to receive the coveted gifts, Susan makes her Christmas list along with the rest of the children. More than anything, she wanted a father, a little brother, and a new home. Believe in miracles baby will make a meeting with Santa in one of the major new York Department stores. Now six-year-old Susan is sure that her dreams will come true, and Santa Claus really does exist. movies about new year and Christmas for family viewing.

5. "When Santa fell to Earth" (Germany, 2011)

Nine-year-old Ben hasn't had any luck lately. My parents moved to a small town, where it was not easy to find friends. And while his father is busy looking for a new job, and his mother is opening a pastry shop where everything is not going well, the boy is completely bored. Even the approaching Christmas did not please him – he did not believe that anything would change in his life. And just then, right in front of his eyes, he fell to the ground… Santa! From that moment on, everything changed. Ben and his classmate Charlotte are waiting for a trip to a Magical country, a search for a reindeer from a magical team, exciting adventures and even saving Christmas.

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