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Christmas movies that should not be forgotten  

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At least a week before the cherished holiday, we are already beginning to prepare for the New year, an important part of which is to watch Christmas movies with your family. We will not remind you about such films as "home Alone" or "Irony of fate" — they are already well known and have been seen many times. They are undeservedly forgotten, although it is to them that the plots of all modern films go back.

It's a Wonderful Life (1946, dir. Frank Capra)

In his time, Frank Capra won three Oscars for directing the films "you can't take it with you", "Mr. deeds moves to the city" and "It happened one night". One of his last films, This wonderful life, did not win an award, but was nevertheless nominated in five categories. This is one of the most moving and profound films about the significance of an individual's life and the importance of mutual assistance.

The picture is based on the short story "the Greatest gift"by Philip van Doren stern. According to the plot, the Central character George Bailey (James Stewart — "Window to the yard", "Vertigo", "Rope"), having given up his dream, stays in his native small town to continue his father's business. Business at the firm is not exactly going smoothly, but it is still bearable; however, at some point George is hit by such a barrage of seemingly unsolvable problems that he decides to commit suicide. But at the fatal moment, the man is saved by his guardian angel — and, trying to show the ward that his decision is wrong, he shows a desperate George how many people he has helped in his life.

Unlike other fantasy dramas, "This wonderful life" covers the entire biography of the hero, starting from deep childhood, ending with a climactic event that occurred around Christmas. This helps you get into the characters of all the characters and understand their motivation, after which the ending will be perceived with great warmth and joy.

Miracle on 34th street (1947, dir. George Seaton)

The film is one of the most popular in the United States and is even included in the national register of most significant films — and absolutely deservedly so. It was shot by George Seaton, who won two Oscars for best adapted screenplay: for the drama "Country girl"and for the family Comedy "Miracle on 34th street", the plot of which is really very original and touching.

The action begins with old man Kris Kringle (Edmund Gwenn) being invited to fill in for a drunken employee and work as Santa Claus in the store during the thanksgiving day parade. According to the Manager's instructions, Chris should sell stale toys to children, but instead his conscience tells the old man to send customers to the competition. But this is still half the trouble: soon the old man begins to insist that he is a real Santa, which attracts the attention of not only random passers-by, but also a full-time psychiatrist, as well as a little girl, Susan (Natalie wood), with whom Chris starts a friendship.

The film tells an incredible, albeit sad story about the desperate desire to find a family, as well as the desire to find your own happiness by helping others. Based on the film, four remakes were made, including a worthy version of the 1994 film directed by Les Mayfield, who gave us the comedies "Diamond COP" and "Flabber".

A Christmas Carol (Scrooge, 1951, dir. Brian Desmond Hurst)

An adaptation of the famous Charles Dickens story "a Christmas Carol", the main character of which is a miser and a miser, Ebenezer Scrooge — in the picture he was played by Alastair SIM. This is one of the most instructive and uplifting stories about deep inner cleansing, which makes you believe in miracles and turn to family values.

According to the plot, on the eve of Christmas, Scrooge is visited by three ghosts-the past, present and future. They show the main character the moments that formed his personality, after which he rethinks the system of values, changes his attitude to family and life itself.

The film is recommended for viewing also because it shows the most detailed biography of Scrooge — career stages, relationships with his family and his calculating mentor. On the basis of this story, other pictures are also shot — "Scrooge" by Ronald neem," the Spirits of Christmas "by David Hugh Jones with Patrick Suart and the animated "Christmas story" by Robert Zemeckis with Jim Carrey, which, by the way, are also great for raising the new year mood.

The new Christmas story (Scrooged, 1988, dir. Richard Donner)

The film directed by the famous trilogy of "Deadly weapons" Richard Donner is a modern satirical version of the above-mentioned "Christmas Carol" by Dickens. A new version of the miser Scrooge becomes a businessman-Frank Cross (bill Murray), who in the pursuit of a career faced with the problem of replacing values.

Events also unfold on the eve of Christmas. Frank with his cynical actions spoils not only the pre-Christmas mood, but also life in General, and, according to tradition, three ghosts will take on the task of re-educating the careerist, who also appear in modern images: a cheerful taxi driver from hell, a perky fairy with hand-to-hand combat skills and a terrifying messenger with a skull instead of a face.

"The new Christmas story" is full of humor and irony and is perfectly adapted to the realities of 1988. in Addition, we can not but note the talent of bill Murray to convey the caricature of characters by means of bright facial expressions and gestures. The film will be an ideal option for those who are already familiar with the work of Dickens and have reviewed all the original film adaptations.

Gremlins (Gremlins, 1984, dir. Joe Dante)

"Gremlins" is a cult Comedy horror film, in the creation of which a whole team of masters participated. The film was directed by Joe Dante from a screenplay by Chris Columbus, and Steven Spielberg served as Executive producer. Not the last role is played by the fact that the creation of music was done by Jerry goldsmith, who wrote the favorite compositions for the cartoon "Mulan", the films "Alien", "Secrets of Los Angeles", "Basic instinct", and "omen".

According to the plot, a failed inventor, Rendell Peltzer (Hoyt axton), gives his son Billy (Zach Galligan) a cute animal Mogwai (a mythical creature from British folklore), bought in a shop in Chinatown for Christmas. The salesman told Peltzer Sr. that the Mogwai must not be violated in any way: it must be kept away from bright lights, water, and not fed after midnight. And — as you have already guessed — one of the taboos will be broken. Through the fault of a friend, Billy Mogwai gets very wet, after which he immediately splits into small fur balls, which later reincarnate into small evil creatures that threaten the safety of others.

The tandem of Dante, Columbus, Spielberg and goldsmith gave rise to a different story with original jokes, many of which became iconic. The musical compositions from this film have for many years been on a par with the melodies from "One house" and "This wonderful life". And the "Gremlins" themselves won the hearts of viewers, and six years later the second part was released, also directed by Joe Dante and produced by Steven Spielberg. In it, the Mogwai have broken out of the suburbs and this time attack a skyscraper located right in the heart of Manhattan.

The Central character of the film Mogwai instantly turned into a "pop star", becoming the prototype for soft toys, figurines, fashion design and so on. Be sure-he will definitely conquer you.

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