Movies about education and development

Movies about education and development
Returning to school or University after a great summer is a real challenge. These films will help to make the return not so painful, and many will be inspired, because it is never too late to learn and learn new things. Mp3how presents 7 films for children and adults about education and development.
Movies about education and development


Young Mary is an incredibly gifted girl, a real mathematical genius. She lives with her uncle, who wants his niece to go to a regular school among her peers. However, Mary’s grandmother, having learned about her granddaughter’s abilities, decides that she needs a different future. The film was shot by mark Webb, inviting Chris Evans and McKenna grace to star.



It’s never too late to learn. This is proved by the character of Robert De Niro in the film about a 70-year-old Intern in a fashion online store. Ben decides that his life isn’t over yet, it’s time to learn something new. He immediately finds a common language with other employees, becoming for them not only a colleague, but also a real friend. After all, Ben has a lot of life experience behind him. The Comedy also starred Anne Hathaway and Rene Russo.

Battle of the teachers

A feed that will really help you tune in to the start of the school year. Two teachers in the performance of Charlie day and ice cube bring their conflict to a fight. Cube’s character Strickland “scores the arrow” in the Parking lot after school. Andy, a typical intellectual, seeks help from his colleagues, preparing to fight back. It turns out that the whole school knows about the future battle. Who will the students and other teachers bet on and who will win? A great Comedy to brighten up the last summer days.


Spider-man: Home Coming

Peter Parker-it seems, an ordinary schoolboy, participating in scientific competitions and building a Lego death Star. One “but” – sometimes he puts on a superhero costume to save people, prevent attacks on shops and robbing ATMs. But spider-Man will soon face a real enemy, which is not so easy to defeat.

The Edge Of Seventeen

Life at the age of 17 seems unbearable to Nadine. Her brother, she believes, gets more love and attention, even her only friend has fallen in love with him, and this Nadine calls a betrayal. The heroine is waiting for frustrations and awkward situations, which her school teacher will help her cope with. The film will appeal to everyone who has experienced this in their 17 years.

Good boy

Another picture about growing up and developing while studying in school. Within a week, Kolya is transformed from a typical schoolboy into a real hero. The principal’s daughter falls in love with him, and he himself is not indifferent to the teacher. Something strange is also happening in Kolya’s family: his father has decided to give up sleeping at night. All this stormy week should end with a school holiday. The main role is played by the rising star Semyon Treskunov.


Larry Crown

The second full-length film of Oscar-winning Tom Hanks will prove: do not give up after failures in your career. The actor and Director played Larry crown, a former military officer who was fired from his job at a major company. The hero did not lose himself, he went to the local College for new knowledge. It was there, among the same old people and out of work, that Larry realized what really mattered in life.

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