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Review of the series "Boys", season 2. Running in place  

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The face of Black Noir is still not shown to us, whipping up more and more intrigue around it.
In the context of a global story that the creators planned for as many as five seasons, the second one is slightly disappointing. You thought that the game had already started, but it turns out that all the pieces are not even on the Board yet. We continue to be introduced to the world where superheroes are frighteningly real, filling it with new, sometimes very colorful details, but this does not change the overall perception. We already in the first season all more or less understood about this gone universe, isn't it time to shake it up? Apparently, it's not time yet.
At the same time, the plot of the season itself also develops quite slowly, which is especially noticeable with a weekly break. There seem to be a lot of events, as well as storylines, but almost half of them have almost no effect on anything. For example, at some point Huey gets injured and goes to the hospital. It is necessary at best for butcher and starlight to exchange a couple of resonant phrases. And Deepwater generally seems to have its own separate TV series, where it is hoed by sectarians. Among them, by the way, is a shameless parody of Hawkeye — this is funny, but, again, it does not lead to anything. The principle of the eight episodes, though some of the story is endowed with a weight of three.
Stormfront-feminist, Nazi, psychopath
But there was much more satire. So, "Seven" this season is busy shooting another blockbuster about their favorite, which is easily recognized and " Justice League» and "the Avengers: the Final» From time to time, there are jokes about Joss Whedon, Zack Snyder, Disney, minority representation, Twitter, and anything that the creators can reach. "Boys" showrunner Eric Kripke and producer Seth Rogen once again prove that they are probably the only ones in Hollywood who understand the black-as-the-abyss humor of comic book writer Garth Ennis. Only these three punchline jokes can be the suicide of one of the characters, and it will be really funny.
Moreover, the series significantly improves some of the concepts of comic "Boys". In the first season, Homelander transformed from a straightforward parody of Superman to the most charismatic villain of recent years, and now the same thing has happened with Stormfront. The pumped-up Aryan changed gender and turned into a kind of Captain marvel. But this is just a cover, which, it turns out, worked perfectly not only in the series, but also in reality. Western progressive media and social networks simply exploded as soon as it became clear that a strong and independent heroine — the most that there is a feminazi. That is, a Nazi. Real. Without compromise. And her highly diseased relationship with Homelander is an excellent metaphor for how closely YAP — patriotism works with fascism.
Sean Ashmore's role is small, but beautiful. Especially if you remember that in" X-Men " he played the Ice Man
But the declared head of Vaught in the first season, Mr. Edgar, in the position of the Supreme villain, is no longer so impressive. Maybe it's because he's almost indistinguishable from Moff Gideon in " the Mandalorian»and the two of them are very much like Gus from breaking bad». And this is by no means the fault of Giancarlo Esposito — more likely the screenwriters who write for him the same cold-blooded bosses.
But Billy butcher's disclosure is much more generous than it used to be. We learn about his family, his childhood, and his relationship with Becca. We see the ruthless butcher vulnerable. It is interesting that almost the same way the creators deconstruct the image of Homelander, thereby building a parallel between the sworn enemies. Only the main super of the planet is actually even more infantile than butcher. Kryptonite is replaced by basic human feelings, because the emotional development of the all-powerful blond has stalled at the level of a teenager.
The rest of the characters move along the already set trajectory. Huey is looking for himself, starlight is balancing between ostentatious superheroism and the real one, and Frenchie is trying to establish a relationship with a mutant. In General, all the same, all there. Although almost every character in the season has at least one memorable scene.
Actually, for the sake of individual moments, it is worth watching "Boys". Not for the sake of a global plot, and not for the sake of average detective intrigue, but for the sake of bright and erratic episodes. To watch a Deepwater sing a duet with his gills, or Kimiko walk into a Russian bar and rip off a bandit's face to the tune of a chanson, or the entire boat crew crash into a live whale. With this bloody madness, the show is still catching on. But next season they won't be able to buy their way out on their own.
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