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Review of the film "Togo"  

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The world cinema is rich in films about our lesser brothers. But the article was published in 2018, and the four-legged hero of today's issue of Publicity, with all his desire, could not get there. We will correct this discrepancy in time and introduce you, dear friends, to a new character - a Siberian husky named Togo.

The statue of Balto in new York's Central Park, which is embossed with the words "Endurance, loyalty, intelligence", should actually belong to another hero - a humble dog of the One that the world learned about in 2019, only 94 years later, thanks to a Disney Studio film. No, Balto is not an impostor, not a false Dmitry. He actually" personally "delivered the diphtheria vaccine to the town of Nome, being the last of 20 in the relay of the" great race of mercy " of 1925. He honestly worked out his 50 km. But the main load (425 km) fell on the team led by the beautiful dog of Togo and its owner - kayur Leonard seppal. And this in the cold of 60 degrees and the strongest storm - it is terrible to imagine, but we will try.

Given the fact that I'm a dog person, it would be strange if I didn't like this movie. Why hide it, in the end, there was a lump in my throat, although I didn't get to the waterfalls that flowed after watching "Hachiko" (both times, by the way). As a dedication to the amazing brotherhood of man and dog; as a tribute to the animal that lived in the shadow of Balto all these years, although it deserved much more honors; as a love letter to our four-legged friends and a beautiful disney adventure for the whole family, the film was undoubtedly a success. Therefore, only a certain amount of critical masochism compels me to write the second paragraph.

For a story about a perilous journey through a Blizzard to save the lives of dozens of children, "Togo"I found it surprisingly boring. Despite the entertaining shooting technique, the action scenes as such did not work out. Mark Isham's music also failed, as if deliberately diluting any tension as much as possible with life-affirming melodies. The script still could not begin, interrupting the whole story at first with cute, but then frankly protracted flashbacks, and then suddenly somehow took over and ended. There was no Grand finale, no turning point, no heroes frozen on the edge of the abyss, no final dash to victory. The quest to save precious lives somehow slid smoothly into the drama with which it all began, and I went to put the kettle on, realizing that there was still a full half hour left before the end of the film. And let them Willem Dafoe is happy to demonstrate all his Oscar-nominated dramatic abilities, the film, after all, is not named after him.

Eugene S. h.
The story of a sled dog named "Togo", which bravely overcomes terrible weather conditions in a team with other dogs, was shown on the Disney+ service, bypassing cinemas, which is quite strange and sad, because the project can rightfully be considered good and even excellent. However, there is no original plot here. How many similar animated and simple films have we seen in the cinema, both fictional and based on real events ("Balto", "White captivity", repeatedly filmed works by Jack London "White Fang" and "call of the ancestors"). But "Togo" is not another remake, but a similar, but completely different and also real story about a loyal four-legged friend who managed to survive in the wild together with his master (played by the inimitable Willem Dafoe) and deliver a cure for diphtheria to the snow-covered city of Nome cut off from civilization.

The film touches on two time lines – the present and the past, where a small, over-the-years growing up, Togo puppy, breeder of dogs Leonard (Defoe's character) and his wife Constance (Julianne Nicholson), first get used to, and then make friends, so that the viewer at an empirical level feels their strong connection with each other. DirectorErickson Cor it copes with this task just fine. The only thing to blame the creators of the picture is for the obviously fake chromakey, but it is more distracting than spoiling the overall impression. Let's put it down to an insufficiently large budget. Otherwise – this is another great story about friendship, about overcoming oneself and external factors in the name of a good goal. A story that deserves much more than "gathering dust" on streaming, even on one of the largest in the entertainment industry.

"Balto"- one of the best cartoons of the 20th century, telling about the drama that took place in 1925 in Alaska in a piercing and understandable language for any child. And so "Disney" took down "the One". Whether in an attempt to restore historical justice, or continuing to strive to reshape all cartoons in film format, or correcting the mistakes of "the Lady and the Tramp", where almost all the animals were drawn. But in "Togo" - all the dogs in the frame are real. And even in contrast, even without it, the film looks amazing. Sam Moreover-a wonderful dog, that in the hypostasis of the puppy, that in the hypostasis of the leader. The story is constantly interspersed with flashbacks about the hero's childhood-his attachment to the owner, intelligence, escapes and unbreakable stubbornness. Defoe, thanks to a specific appearance, does not even need to make up - the actor has not changed much in appearance over the past 20 years. If you don't believe it, find footage of Norman Osborn from "spider - Man" in 2002 and compare it.

As a work of art, "Togo" is amazing. As an attempt to tell the truth about the events of 1925 and take away some of the glory of Balto... no. The fact is that the creators repeat "Balto" one in one. Again a single dog-hero, against which the rest of the team - extras. Whereas in fact, there were two leading dogs in any sled team, and there were two dozen teams that participated in the great Mercy Race. The fact that Seppala has passed the most difficult route, of course, makes him and his team heroes, but by no means unique, as the film tries to convince the viewer. All the Teamsters and almost two hundred dogs who saved the children are heroes. But if you close your eyes to the fictions of the creators (even Leonard himself lost somewhere his real eight-year-old daughter) and to the attempts of" That " to expose Balto as a nobody, this is a great film about how a man and his dog repeatedly saving each other in inhumane conditions, gave life to dying children. And if Balto got his monument, then it certainly deserves It.

An amazing movie. It tells about the same events as the first part of the animated trilogy "Balto", but it is more real, without a large share of fiction. He seems to restore justice, because in the 1995 film about the dog named "Togo" and its team, almost nothing was said, although it played an important role in those long-ago events. Well, the whole situation with changing historical events for the sake of entertainment in the film "Balto" was considered at the time by Doug Walker (a Nostalgic critic), so I will not focus on this anymore. All I can say is that Togo is a terrific dog. And the incredible work of the trainers in the film is amazing. How they forced the puppy to act according to the script - I still can not fully understand. Naturally, somewhere, probably, computer graphics were used, but in the case of That-it is not visible, only in action scenes. And remembering the recent premiere of the film "call of the ancestors", the desire to find fault with anything in "Togo" disappears. Willem Dafoe beats his charisma through the screen, and it is a pleasure to watch as he leads the team through all the obstacles.

Despite the fact that the story is quite famous, the creators managed not only to "refresh" it, but also to make it more exciting, emotional and truthful. This is an entertaining movie, so there will be no search for deeper meanings in this text. At the center of the story is friendship and loyalty. This is the most important thing and something else would be superfluous here. I dare say that Togo is the best disney film in recent years. It is a pity that it did not have a cinema rental in the pre-coronavirus period.

Scream 4
Especially about the "One" to say nothing, this is one of those films, when viewing which in the head occurs the thought "I have seen similar stories more than a dozen times". But, as a rule, in such films, the story plays a secondary role, and the main emphasis is on awakening various emotions in the viewer, ranging from emotion and ending with deep sadness. And this movie is such to the core. It will squeeze you to the last drop, and your soul will be torn apart. And if it doesn't, then you should seriously think about it, because you need to be an insensitive creature not to shed a single tear in the ending. If you like films in the spirit of "White captivity", then "Togo" is definitely your option. All the more bonus is the chic William Defoe and his equally chic furry "partner".

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