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Review of the film " Tenet"  

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The film "Tenet"which was planned to reboot the global distribution after the coronavirus pandemic, launched in Russia. Naturally, its premiere fees do not go into any comparison with those that would be expected in a normal situation, but the creators of the picture count on its greater endurance, which will help justify an impressive investment. And endurance, as you know, directly depends on the opinions of those for whom all this was started - the audience. Readers of the "news of cinema" publication, the most objective fans of cinema in the entire post-Soviet space, share their thoughts about what they saw on the screens.

"Time travel has been turned upside down. In a sense, "Tenet" is a return to Nolan's blockbuster roots, where a smart, imaginative concept rules the ball. In a sense , it is at the same time a continuation of his later works like "Interstellar" and "Dunkirk" with little convincing attempts to add emotion, which simply melts under the heat of intellectual saturation. For me, films like "the Beginning", which are primarily still entertaining, will remain ideal. "Tenet" is certainly a spectacular film, alive, running forward. You can't take your eyes off the screen, and it's not that hard to keep track of the logical chain, at least until the last ten minutes. However, for some reason, in the end, the film made a rather depressing impression on me, either because of the confusion that arose at the end, or because of the masterfully inflating music, or because Nolan went into thoughts so large that they simply do not fit into the framework of a purely entertaining movie."

"Who else among us can surprise you so much now ? no one at all. Nolan is a genius simply.
A fresh drink in a stale genre. The actors played perfectly. Aaron Taylor recognized the look in his eyes. He was too high. Dialogs are weak, but what happens on the screen just can not come off. The scene with the plane, the chase, the carnage at the end and the time reverse in parallel. PSIII mouth. As always, Nolan makes you think and discuss the film after viewing. This is not a one-time movie of which there are tons right now. Score 9 out of 10 for the fact that the film surprised". Kent S

"If we go back to the "Beginning", the film is more like an open lesson, where the teacher, i.e. Nolan, quite clearly and with an excited look explains the principle of "lucid dreaming", shows in practice its implementation, and despite all the complexity of this construction, it looks very exciting, and open questions really awaken genuine interest, and you want to go to these lessons as often as possible. "Argument" is also more like an open lesson with the same teacher, but the teacher himself now explains the new concept of" time inversion " somewhat dryly and without interest. And you won't ask him again, and if you do, his explanations will sound even more incomprehensible and confusing. To feel all this, as one nameless character offers us, also does not come out. The scenes of demonstration of this idea look beautiful and creative, without a doubt. However, there is no sense of drive in them. The film is like a mechanism where every gear works smoothly, without interruptions, but they forgot to put their soul into it." Eugene S. h.

"The argument" is an intellectual and a sophisticated techno-Thriller and a new experience Christopher Nolan, a film that combines an idea and utility. The picture is stunning in scale, completely erases the safe and erected fashionable boundaries with a green screen. The special effects and technical side of the film are expressive and spectacular, and the conventional wisdom of the creators does not allow us to doubt their realism. This is a very high level, which proves that no artificial environment can compare with the naturalism of live action scenes. Separately, I want to Express my admiration for Ludwig Goranson. An impeccable choice, and maybe even better than its predecessor in some ways. And perhaps the only minor disadvantage of the story seems to be the impassiveness of the picture. Perhaps this is how the author emphasizes all the imperturbability of the characters of his world. This movie doesn't need a spinning top to stir up controversy for years to come, no. In my opinion, the film is purely epistemological in nature and takes a completely unexpected turn. Perhaps the human species, like that algorithm, can be part of something whole or be divided, hidden in different corners of the world . And while this is happening, everyone will be part of this algorithm, only we have not yet realized whether we will be assembled or split." intvindet

"Not a special fan of Nolan, rather Hayter, has always considered him a rather "boring Director" who wants to pass himself off as the most creative person in Hollywood, Literally the last of his films were well, let's say "non-working", the person gave up on the characters, on the script, and only promoted the "creative concept". He made these films thinking "well, I'm the artist, if you don't like it, it's your fault." But th interestingly, Nolan appeared "soul" and he began to work on actors and their characters, and when you "radicalize" the characters, it turns out anime)) The main villain is essentially an anime nutcase with a schizoid idea of being "the God of all the world", and the positive protagonist has to stop him. At first I didn't understand the coolness of the action, but then either Nolan watched Jojo or Prisoner of Azkaban, or all together, but then it worked. Typical Nolan mistakes are present, these quotes are for social networks, but here Nolan either refrained or made these quotes funnier. Probably the best film of Genius Nolan."darkwhite

"Well, it is worth going at least because we have all not been close to the big screen for a long time,and the film is no matter how expected and discussed.But it is worth lowering the degree of waiting if this degree is higher than absinthe.There are beautiful scenes,the film has a style, there is an idea,but for some reason it was difficult for me personally to understand this idea,and not that I would have just wildly wanted to do it.This is an interesting movie not devoid of its charm,but it is something...inanimate or something.Everything is so smart and on style but not alive.And the characters are all practically not alive (the new Batman doesn't count,he's good).Logically its necessary watch the second time but personally I still do not pull,and not the fact that it will pull.Go, evaluate and decide for yourself whether the wait was worth it." Sobakolub

"It is definitely worth going to the film. At least because nothing better will come out this year. But this is by no means a quibble. The plot does not break the pattern, the characters of the characters are not all worked out. Some of them have no backstory at all. It seemed to me that a continuation was planned. But the idea of inversion is implemented not only visually, but also compositionally (in the construction of the narrative). Lots of quotes from Nolan himself. And it gave me pleasure to look for them. Sound-for all two hundred. In short: Plot - 8 out of 10, visual, dynamics, sound, technique-10 out of 10. The acting game - 8 out of 10 (Debicki, Brana, Pattinson liked, a little lost-Washington, and the king of secondary roles-Michael Caine.) This is not the level of zero, when the masterpieces came out, but even Frank slag has not yet been observed. The experiment turned out well. I advise you to get acquainted in cinemas!". tulupoff mix

"If You want to experience excitement-go to this movie. If you want to experience disappointment-go to this movie. If you want to not understand anything, but are a Pattinson fan - go to this movie. If You haven't been to a movie theater for a long time, go see this movie.
Another work of Nolan really impresses the imagination - both the scope and enchanting action, and the author's commitment to games with time. The underlying idea is quite original and new, especially in particular manifestations of certain key scenes of the film. Which doesn't stop her from eventually looking quirky and extremely naive. In terms of action, the whole picture attracts attention, forcing you to catch the facts and solve a non-trivial puzzle. The sound, as far as I'm concerned, is quite decent, but again, it's not completely refined along with the plot. But in some scenes it works flawlessly. Regarding the characters - a rather weak part of the picture. This is the most "direct" antagonist, the poorly realized role of his wife, the milling of the main characters." Industrial

The argument became a typical Nolan movie about time paradoxes. His problem is that in recent years, so much has come out about this (the "Darkness" alone is more than enough) that the effect that "the Beginning" once produced is nowhere near as good. Yes, reversability is shot interestingly, as are all the scenes of the film, but it, unlike, I'm sorry, even "Interstellar", does not make you think. I definitely do not understand those who say "Oh, it is difficult" and "everything is perceived differently when you review it". For the audience, the characters in the dialogue take so long and tedious to chew that it seems that Christopher has become disillusioned with the intellectual abilities of mankind. His brother Jonathan's work, wild West World, is much more balanced in this sense. It is not as boring as" Dunkirk", and the actors are well chosen, but still far from the best films of genius. However, it is necessary to watch and make your own opinion." Catti-brie

"The best thing about the movie is the hero Robert Pattinson - Nile. All the others are just faded. The main character does not cause any feelings at all, the villain in the film is just a cranberry laughingstock. Absolutely standard plot. The film can only boast of the technical side, and then in the aspect of the shooting itself, editing. The camera operator does not cause a wow effect, as well as the soundtrack, although a couple of tunes are interestingly performed. Action on the spot, but also without enthusiasm. The choreography of the fights is better this time, but still average. Right now here I sit and think, because not everything in the film understood, and not everything caught my eye. We should review it a second time. But the trouble is, I don't feel like doing it.
While here I think, whether this is the worst film of Nolan, or Dunkirk will be worse. But one thing I can say for sure, the miracle didn't work out." Eq Fist

" the Film has a number of advantages - a charismatic Pattinson, diligent Jackson and several spectacular scenes with a new chip, but we can not but admit that this is the worst film of the Director. The interaction of reverse and non-reverse carefully avoids scenes that might ask questions about how it might work, flat characters, and a lot of boredom. The composer tried, but disappointed." LivEricsen2

"Nolan's favorite" end-to-end " theme of Time games, which has already lost its originality in the new version, is full of self-citations and references to modern cinema. This time in an unprecedented scale (for Nolan), glamorous and very energetic presentation, but somewhat excessive and heavy-handed manner, far from the elegance of Inception, the playfulness of bond, the elasticity of the genre of international terrorism, with some inconsistencies and freaky passages. The protagonist in the person of Washington Jr. is a strongly diluted copy of big daddy Denzel, and against the background of its star partners - Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, even Kenneth Branagh here is not bad — it does not look quite convincing. Pattinson has gained such momentum as a professional that even in the absence of scripted density of his character looks lively and stylish, the best decoration of the tape. It is absolutely necessary to watch,but without high expectations." Constance

"The plot is not complicated. But little time is given to the characters, and more time is given to the inversion feature. Actors play out all their emotions within the framework of their scenes, no more. The prehistory of the gg is unknown. The soundtrack is a little weak. The monotony referred to Zimmer, and the track "747" repeats the music from "the Beginning". In the first half of the film, the music is another whole from the film, but then it plays on the background by itself. Apparently, the composer did not watch these scenes. In General, the soundtrack is soulless. The visual aspect of the film is excellent. When you look at modern blockbusters, marvel, Dees, X-Men and others, it is very noticeable Frank hand-drawn graphics, as if someone painted on the water. In Nolan's painting, everything is clear, textured and natural. The action is mostly inverted, so it's harder to predict which side will take over. And gg has to break his head unraveling the moves of the villain. Do I want to watch it a second time? Not very. The story is cold and soulless, and I don't want to break my head again trying to trace all the techniques of inversion." Omaticaya

" Nolan is one of the few Directors whose films you can look forward to, especially since you have to wait two or three years. Each of his paintings is a whole universe, thought out to the smallest detail.
"Remember", "Prestige", "the Dark knight", "Inception", "interstellar" - all these works have long been added to the Golden collection of favorite films. Will "Argument"be included in this collection? Complex issue. The picture needs to be viewed at least twice to understand the plot and understand "how everything works here". On the plus side, the very idea of time inversion certainly looks impressive in fact, and could only have occurred to such a lover of puzzles with time as K. Nolan. Special effects, music, cinematography, as always on top. The lack of stars in the cast was at first questionable, but John D. Reid was not a star. Washington and Robert Pattinson made a good Duo. Among the disadvantages: Nolan did not devote enough time to revealing the characters, which may lead to questions about their motivation or actions during the course of viewing." Anv

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