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Review of the film "Mulan"  

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The film "Mulan", partly based on the Chinese legend and partly on the animated film of the same name, started at the box office with a very modest result, including in the key market for it. Readers of the newspaper "news of cinema" in the traditional heading "Voice of the people"understand the reasons for the incident. As usual, the spelling and punctuation of the authors ' opinions are preserved.

"Initially, I was skeptical of the film, but I believed in the best. As a result, the film turned out to be simple, soulless, and unsolved. Everything is so bad and boring that nothing saves it. The dialogues are wooden, there is no music, the entourage is plywood and too empty, not habitable, it seems built yesterday with materials from the nearest construction Chinese hypermarket. Movies with Chinese are not my thing. The experiment was unsuccessful. Score 0.5 (for a bright image) out of 10". Rimdar

"The film is very bad. We missed the main point of the cartoon, where the heroine overcame all difficulties and forced herself to respect. Here she was just a chosen one with a very strong qi) Well, the parody of Chinese films with human flights only worsens the result." Kanaff

"The cartoon originally had no material, so the creators had to add jokes and battle scenes, which made up 90% of the cartoon. And in General, the creators turned out a good family cartoon. The creators of the film decided to remove these "fillers" and.... the film was empty without any material for 2 hours. Instead, they filled FEM with a subpoena, a marvel villain with "motivation" because the villain's motivation is "so needed", a local force from Star wars that is not explained in any way. A typical Hollywood look at the local "kung fu" and how women are treated in China. So "strong female character" is purely in the visual sense. Dialogues were limited to "men want sexual pleasures". And that's it, there's no war here, there's a suicide squad. For the first time, I see that there are no "minor characters" in the film, even in Highlander 5, they are there and you even empathize with them. The worst remake of Disney on a par with the lion King." darkwhite

"Before watching another live-action classic cartoon by Walt Disney studios, you always expect the worst for obvious reasons, which I don't want to mention once again. In the case of "Mulan", I was sure that it would be easier for me, because at the time of writing this review, I still have not watched the original cartoon. Maybe that's why I generally enjoyed the film. Acting works are sincere, the main character sympathizes. I liked the surroundings of Ancient China, its landscapes are simply amazing. The local scenery and costumes make a pleasant impression. The choreography of the battle scenes is peculiar, the scale is not felt. But if you consider the local fighting game as a thing in itself, then in General it turned out well, even running down the wall opponents without safety ropes did not confuse you at all. Being unfamiliar with the cartoon, but having heard about it superficially, I can say with confidence that here at least they did not shoot everything frame-by-frame, but did something of their own, for which you can already thank the Studio." Eugene S. h.

"An attempt to rethink the old classic Disney cartoon resulted in the production of a 200-millionth Bollywood film. The film has a lot of problems at any stage of production.
The plot, and especially its plotting, is folly on folly. A fortress is attacked by 10 Kazakhs, after which the Emperor decides to start a war. What?
Directing at the level of the CW series, especially pleased with this running around the walls, looks very organic.
The main character without a good story, more precisely, with a lot of nonsense in it about "I'm a woman, it gives me strength", the actress who plays her is generally a log.

There are no actors or supporting roles at all. The images are so not memorable that by the end you look at the main supposedly important gang of secondary characters and think, which one of them has LYUBOF with g.
Honestly, this is such a lazy movie that you don't even want to write about it. It does not have any energy and attempts to be remembered for something. Even in Highlander 2, it's there, but not here." Boss

"Well, what can I say?I waited,hoped and was disappointed!((Who do you have to be to trust such a budget ,such a Director ? I think even Uwe Boll did much better!!!200 million well, do not feel at all!!Yes and there are no actors who would devour the lion's share of the budget!!Everything looks cheap and most importantly, the actors are very overdone!!Although this may be the fault of a clumsy editing!Not a movie watched but a performance recorded!!!I would love to see Jackson Scot Lee in a big project,but his character was merged in the most idiotic way,and he is the main villain for a second!!My God, you had Donnie Yen!!Use it all the way the coil!!))))One word to the UNBELIEVERS!!!!". Hanegev

"Well, the film really came out very bad, but not quite for the reasons that were expected. I thought that it would disappoint me as a remake of a really cool cartoon, and that there would be nothing in it but a futile attempt to please the Chinese audience. Partly, so it turned out. But first of all, the film is bad in that it is incredibly boring. The action flows sluggishly, there is no chemistry between the characters, the alleged seriousness only worsens the situation and I really almost fell asleep while watching. Why did this happen? Because, again, of trying to please the Chinese audience too thoroughly. They removed all the colorful and funny characters, a little inappropriate, but funny musical numbers, humor, in the end, and, on the contrary, added a lot of unnecessary-uninteresting and cardboard characters such as the witch, a strange and, in fact, useless for the film, the idea of Ala "Power from SOUND" and so on, which made the film unbearably boring. On the other hand, the film is technically very weak. A budget of 200 million doesn't feel like a word at all. Cheap costumes, sets, special effects, and I don't talk about battle scenes at all. You can immediately see that the process was led by a very inexperienced Director, who simply could not make something intelligible out of the material. Yes, the film also suffers from the most serious problems from the script." ANAMAZING MAN

"The film doesn't have a clear, vivid story. All the characters in the game are moping, and they are not interesting to watch at all. There is really one wonderful moment in the film: this is when Mulan with a stick-help tries to control the chicken, it is like Bob trying to play with the audience by driving it obediently into the cinema-cage)). And what else did you really like?!! The film shows beautiful landscapes,exquisite costumes. Well, what made my heart start beating was on the credits...when listening to such great songs: Yifei Liu - "Reflection" and Christina Aguilera - "Loyal brave True". HUNTERX

"A dead movie. Half-drama, half-Comedy, half-military movie, half-fantasy. Trying to mix a bunch of everything into one heap, no element works in almost any way. The characters are nulevki, the main character plays disgusting, the villain overplays, the rest just walk by. With fantasy, I actually laughed. Removed the dragon, while some Phoenix flies, a ridiculous witch with a FEM-subpoena and a drug-addled ending to the arch, still a magical (?) running around the walls. A woman pretending to be a Director can't work with any genre she goes into. Love line .. was she there?") Heroes don't have chemistry at all. Battle scenes - the bottom. It's a disgrace. Tasteless trash!! Who gave 200 million for this ??? Only occasionally there were beautiful shots and that's all. Regarding the 75% rating, Bob was just offended by the journalists for fowl, and had to apologize. In General, the remake is at the level of Kitsch - dull, tasteless, soulless with a terrible acting performance by the main actress. All genres, especially fantasy, have failed, and epic has failed. Just a $ 200 million void." Andrey253

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