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Review of the film "3 Idiots"  

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Friendship for all time

This is the first time that a representative of bollywood has pleased me so much that I do not want to find fault or dig out, try to invent something. It is quite rare for me to be disappointed by any film. Here, however, the exact opposite is true: light elements of fantastic bollywood are superimposed on absolutely vital situations. My experience of watching such movies is immeasurably small, so I have nothing to compare it with. Therefore, I will share my impressions of Dating and thoughts about this, because there is something to see there.

The first thing I would like to say is an absolutely vital plot, which tells about the difficult study of three friends at the Royal technical College. They had collided together as fate would have it, and the three of them had to break the system. There are two storylines running through the entire film: one is a long and thorny path of students, one of whom shows the first signs of being out of the ordinary and how the two main characters Farhan and Raji, along with a classmate named Silencer, are looking for their third Ranch friend ten years later. These two plot lines are organically combined, and the entire script is perceived as several separate stories, quite independent and complete, but the writers were well able to link them and logically justify them. Some thanks for what song pieces inserted organically without breaking the pace of the narrative, without destroying the atmosphere created, because there are each other and the reality of the promise, the vitality of the main conflict between characters and environment with fabulousness and a little bit of naivety created typical elements of bollywood. In this regard, I will give the film a solid five.

The film is directed by Rajkumar Hirani based on the novel Five Point Someone by Indian writer Chetan Bhagat. Ultimately, the script Hirani wrote for the film is from the novel (more precisely, from the novel in the stories) The bhagata is very different. "Three idiots" became a record holder among Indian films - it rolled around the world incredibly successfully and collected under $90 million, which is a completely fantastic figure. Moreover, even in the United States, the picture collected under $7 million, especially since almost no foreign films are watched over the hill. And what is most surprising, when viewing the film, you do not perceive it as a pure-blooded bollywood man, and therefore I want to thank you for the successful synthesis of two polar approaches to creating cinema.

There is entertainment in this film, but again not in Hollywood terms, it is created at the expense of just those very elements such as fantastic choreography in musical numbers, fabulous naivety and strangely enough-excellent humor, which in this tragicomedy plays different shades. There are jokes that just make you smile, there are jokes that make you laugh through your tears, but there is no doubt that an optimistic note runs through the whole film as a red line. The cameraman knows how to handle the camera, snatching good angles, you can talk as much as you want about the manner and beauty of the frame, but it is impossible not to note that all this was shot easily, without tension, it feels that everyone was lost in this work and showed a good self-sufficient Indian cinema. According to this criterion, put five, because for the three hours it was not boring if they removed the same but with less duration, it would have been worse, big enough for the main characters taken as a basis and therefore no detailed disclosures would not work so well.

Actor's game. It is full of drama and difficult situations, Aamir Khan-a famous Bollywood actor played here perfectly, if only because he played a twenty-year-old boy in forty-four years and did it so convincingly that when you look at his photos from other projects, you can not believe that this is him. For the sake of the role, the actor lost a lot of weight, refused a birthday cake and shaved off his mustache and beard. There is a good eccentricity about his Ranch and a mystery in his eyes, and even though he is a student, he has a strong core inside. He puts teachers in their place, remains a fun guy, he does not put himself above others and this is bribing. In the second half of the film, there are a lot of tears, theatricality and excessive facial expressions, but I think this only played to the advantage of the image. Friends Farhan, played by Madhavan, and Raji, played by Sharman Joshi, - looked quite decent, but according to the script, they rather served for the main character "balls", and against his background, they lost noticeably. Sharman Joshi was clearly the more profitable of the two. Kareena Kapoor in the role of Pia performed perfectly, showing the entire gamut of feelings of the heroine from stupefaction from the arrogance of the Ranch to the outbreak of true love. The most memorable was the scene where Pia broke into the characters ' Dorm with a bottle of whiskey, that was all. Boman Irani as the College principal Was excellent. The virus turned out to be very unusual. On the one hand, he was a funny old guy with a very funny way of talking, but on the other hand, he was really mean and mean - spirited, and these qualities were combined in very interesting proportions. A great character, the most memorable feature of the character was his Lisp and in the off-screen translation made a big emphasis on this, which I think better revealed the character. Buffonery Muffler in the performance of the Omi of Vida also looked appropriate. I'll give the acting a five-star rating.

By giving a verdict. A great film from Bollywood, in which realism is combined with fabulousness and excessive positivity. Many people will be scared off by the timing, but three hours will pass quickly and it will not be boring. I would like to say that for a long time I have not received such a strong portion of impressions. It attracts a life-affirming message, not a one-sided story, which shows the adventures of three friends and is also a story about mutual assistance and help in difficult situations. The film attracts acting, directing, visual effects, but most importantly-a great script with a well-developed story. I appreciate the film to the maximum, but this is my impression of the film. Check it out and share your own. All good and pleasant viewing!

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