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Kanye West ft. John Legend, Teyana Taylor & Malik Yusef – Sin City Download

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Kanye West ft. John Legend, Teyana Taylor & Malik Yusef – Sin City Free Audio Download

The concept for the song is not about the city of Las Vegas which goes by “Sin City,” but rather about a fictional city in which one has to commit sins in order to advance farther in its hierarchy. The city is meant to be an analogy for modern America.


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“Sin City Lyrics”

[Verse 1: Travis Scott] 10 A.M., it’s Ransomnia
She see the dust, it’s so obvious
Run from home, after tonight, we up out of here
Don’t go home, ’cause they just ran me up out of there
All of those drunken nights, then fuckin’ every night

She run her mouth but can’t eat right?
Don’t read between the line and figure out how to be white
She smelled the line, baby you know you don’t need white
Now look what we did now, the cops behind us
Ran that red light, did you have to be mindless?

SMHwe all know that cocaine killed Abel
From the scholar, letters devour this
She stepped into hell, ’cause winter got cold
Don’t look in her eyes, you might see straight to her soul
Don’t say yes to that good, ’cause you’ll never know
Cause we lost in the city where sin is no biggy

[Chorus: Teyana Taylor] I’m here with open arms and I got her
Here is where her heart belongs
Her heart belongs with me
Here is where her heart
I’m here and I won’t go without her

This is where her heart belongs
It should be here with me
Here is where her heart
[Break: Teyana Taylor & John Legend] I beg for mercy today
They won’t take me away
Take me away from you
Don’t know what I would do
Don’t let us die in vain
Don’t let them see our pain
Wash these demons away
Wash these demons away

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[Verse 2: Malik Yusef]
You are all unwelcome to Sin City
Yet the population still increases its density
And that increases its intensity
Which increases the propensity
To complicate your simplicity
No matter your ethnicity
All for the sake of publicity, in this city

[Verse 3: CyHi The Prynce] Huh, bad bitches with ass shots
Use a house as a stash spot
Lexus coupe with the rag-top
I’m in the loop, boy I’m tied like an ascot
I used to run with the have-nots
Kept the ave hot just so we could have knots
A lot of niggas see they dreams in a glass pot
Until the judge throw you in that box and watch your ass rot
We broke all the commandments
Authentic, I’m hand-stitched
Come spend a day in my Hamlet
My city lost, some say it’s Atlantis
I went to Cannes with a tan bitch, Francis
She rode the broom on the beach, that’s a sand witch
So I ate her like it, haters hate to like it
Sex, drugs, and playin’ dices, those are our favorite vices
But this life’ll take a toll on ya
Well I guess you gotta pay the prices

I know who Christ is and he never hung with the saints
It makes no sense to save the righteous

By the age ten, we were caged in
Now they raise men in the state pen

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