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Juice WRLD – Until The Plug Comes Back Around Download

Written by Kecy
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Juice WRLD – Until The Plug Comes Back Around Free Audio Download

On “Until The Plug Comes Back Around,” Juice WRLD touches heavily on his substance abuse, whilst also stating he relies on opioids to weigh out his low points in life.

The track leaked in its entirety on August 17, 2020, and later made an official release through Fighting Demons on December 10, 2021.


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“Until The Plug Come Back Around Lyrics”

[Chorus] It goes down, down, down when the plug is in town
My prescriptions, fill ’em out, pills get passed around
Run, run, run, run away from my pain now
I feel like passin’ out
Why do I feel irrational?
Runnin’ out of pills, now it’s time to ration out
Until the plug come back around
Until the plug come back around

[Interlude] Sometimes it just be hard, man
Everybody got they demons, everybody got they vices
Everybody got they own opinion on what life is
That shit had me feelin’ lifeless

[Verse] Uh, one, two, three, four, five, six hunnid’
I was just counting my sins
Everywhere I go, I see dark, don’t know where to begin
Every morning on my knees, praying to God that we win
Fuck it, let’s win it then
I got rich, bought my momma a crib
How much are you willing to spend?
This money don’t mean shit
But I still put them diamonds on my wrist to make niggas sea sick
But lately I been on my deep shit (Deep shit)
On that life is a mountain and niggas don’t know how steep it is
We’ll give it all away, just to stay sane
They be playin’ the same games
Duckin’ and dodgin’ all my pain
Still a gun on my waist, hey
Shoot a fuck nigga in the face, okay
But it’s back inside my brain
Nowadays, shit isn’t really the same
Super serious, this shit ain’t a game
I feel delirious, beast in the cage
Gettin’ furious, but I ain’t fearin’ it
All my demons standin’ up in my face
Used to pour lean in the Minute Maid
Drank so dirty it need a maid
Damn, that’s some dirty ass drank, ayy

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