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Juice WRLD – From My Window Download

Written by Kecy
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Juice WRLD – From My Window Free Audio Download

“From My Window“ sees Chicago native Juice WRLD rapping about his usual topics of drugs and sex. The track’s original title—”XO”—is a reference to a mix between Ecstasy (“X“) and Oxycodone (“O“), two drugs that Juice has been known to frequent throughout his life.


“From My Window Lyrics”

[Intro] Uh, yeah
Ecstasy-takin’, rock star steez
Ecstasy-takin’, rock star steez
Yeah, I like that, uh
Ecstasy takin’ rock star steez
Make a bad bitch get on her knees
Ask, “Can she suck my d***?” Yes, please
Put it in her throat, shorty choked then sneezed

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[Chorus] I see the world from my window
I ain’t goin’ outside, see it through my window
Money from the record label, spend it all on ammo
Livin’ in paranoia, got me livin’ like I’m Rambo
Life is a TV show, if you try me, it’ll be canceled
.223s stick you just like a IV, hospital
My wifey fuck me off of the whitey, Malcolm middle
Put it in her mouth, Juice WRLD popsicle

[Verse 1] I’m official
I’m geeked out, ho
Molly Manson
The Devil tryna tease me, he snortin’ in my mansion
Mario, Luigi, my bros to the bitter end
All I know is slatt shit and gang shit, fuck a friend
If she sendin’ you ass pics, you should fuck her then
Take her to the palace just to put the Buck in Buckingham
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