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John Legend – I Know Better Free Audio Download

“I Know Better” opens John Legend’s sixth studio album Darkness and Light and serves as its third single. The song is a gospel hymn and a connection of the social consciousness side of John Legend who showed in 2010’s Wake Up! album with The Roots and in “Glory”, the Oscar winning song for Selma with Common.
The song is less rhythmic than the previous two singles of the album, “Love Me Now” and “Penthouse Floor” (ft. Chance the Rapper), and features a soulful piano and organ accompaniment throughout the whole song.

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“I Know Better Lyrics”

[Verse 1] They say sing what you know
But I’ve sung what they want
Some folks do what they’re told
But baby this time I won’t
When I look through that door
I know the truth from lie
Some things I’ve done before I can’t justify

[Pre-Chorus] There are kings in my past
Things no one can be proud of
But I stand in the light I’ve cast
And turn away from any lack of love
Oh, when I walked through that door
I say here I go
You see me and nothing more
I’m singing what I know

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[Chorus] I know better
I know better

[Verse 2] Legend is just a name
I know better than to be so proud
I won’t drink in all this fame
I’ll take more love than I’m allowed

[Pre-Chorus] I won’t hide or cut it off from where it came
My history has brought me to this place
This power and the color of my face

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[Chorus] And I know better
Oh, I know better

[Bridge] Oh, I’ll rise from the floor if I don’t win
I’ll bust open that door so let me in
And if music chooses me to sing I let her
I’ll sing what I know, yes

[Chorus] I know better, oh
I know better, yes
I know better
I know better

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