John legend – All about the musician

John legend – All about the musician

John Legend is a unique person, one of the most talented artists of our time! Let’s get acquainted with the biography of the musician…

John legend – All about the musician

The complete story of John legend-legendary musician!

John Legend is an American singer, author, producer, actor, theater director, and philanthropist! In the Luggage of this genius, there are several prestigious awards and at least 2 gorgeous albums! But what do we not already know about this unique and truly talented artist?

Legend has collaborated with such stars as Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, Kanye West, and many, many others… However, the real success came to him thanks to the fusion of R&B and soul music! Legend has always been a sought-after session musician. Today, he is the first African-American to win all 4 major North American entertainment awards: an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony!

Our hero’s debut album won 3 Grammys at once! We think it is worth getting acquainted with this amazing artist in more detail, as well as with his outstanding achievements!

The beginning of the path

John Roger Stevens was born on December 28th 1978 in a musically gifted working-class family! His mother led the Church choir, and his grandmother played the organ. John’s father and brother played drums in the Church.

Actually, the boy himself was drawn to music at preschool age! He took piano lessons and sang in the Church choir.

After graduating from high school, John attended the University of Pennsylvania (bachelor of science degree, 1999). Then he moved to New York. Here, in the vast city of lights and parties, John worked for a consulting company while performing in clubs. He sold self-produced CDs (John Stephens 2000 and Live at Jimmy’s Uptown 2001)!

And so, in 2001, he was lucky: he was noticed and introduced to a promising producer Kanye West! So, John’s first steps into the music business consisted of adding keyboard music and backing vocals to the tracks of other, already promoted artists… it was At this time that our hero takes the stage name John legend (John Legend)!

Musical career

In 2004, John legend was working on The College Dropout is the debut album by West — as a rap musician. In the same year, Kanye formed his own label (GOOD Records) with Sony Music. The first album he produced was legend’s debut, Get Lifted! Interestingly, the work was released in the last week of 2004…

Supported by the powerful ballad “Ordinary People”, the album rose in the charts of European and American popular music, as well as in the charts of rhythm and Blues. Get Lifted received 8 Grammy nominations and was named “Best R&B album”! John himself won the award for”Best male vocal performance”. In addition, legend was awarded as “Best new artist”!

Legend’s second Studio effort, titled Once Again!, was also crowned with success. Released in October 2006, the album won praise from both critics and audiences! The work earned John a second award in the category “Best male R&B vocal performance “(for the single”Heaven”)!

The popularity of the musician did not fade, but only on the contrary — significantly increased with the release of his third Studio album called Evolver (2008). The record, consisting of 11 tracks, brought Legend praise and success on both sides of the ocean…

In 2010, for his collaboration with the Roots (the album Wake Up!), John legend received 3 Grammys at once!

In 2013, a strong album called Love in the Future was released. The song “All of Me” became a thunderous hit single!

In 2014, legend and rapper Common recorded a joint song “Glory”. A song calling for an end to racial injustice has won a Golden Globe and an Oscar!

Legend’s fifth Studio album, Darkness and Light (2016), was remembered by listeners with the bright hit “Love Me Now”! The Studio recording also showed the brilliance of John’s collaboration with Chance the Rapper, as well as musician Brittany Howard (of the rock band Alabama Shakes).

In the fall of 2018, the world saw the amazing album A Legendary Christmas, which is a collection of traditional and original holiday songs! Special attention should be paid to the song “What Christmas Means for Me”, recorded by Legend in collaboration with Stevie wonder… And although this issue received fewer nominations than its predecessors, John still received the coveted prize, namely-a Grammy for “Best performance”!

New decade…

In January 2020, John legend delighted his loyal fans with his new masterpiece — a chic composition “Conversations in the Dark” (Conversations in the dark)… At the same time, the artist announced his great plans for the summer of 2020: Legend was going on a big tour! However, due to the outbreak of coronavirus infection, his plans were disrupted…

In the spring of the same year, 2020,  legend took part in a Grand charity concert of the singer Lady Gaga called “One World: Together at Home” (“One world: together at Home”).

In July 2020, the musician released his new album called Bigger Love.

John Legend:

“In this difficult time for all of us, many people may ask a very logical question: can we laugh, dance and continue to love this life? Recently, there has been an increasing amount of mourning, public outrage, and negativity in the media… And we, the artists, certainly feel all these emotions. But our main goal remains to continue showing the world the fullness of what it means to be human! And thanks to our art, we can do it! Bigger Love is a celebration of love, joy, sensuality, and hope… This album is encouraging,uplifting! And I think all people need it now more than ever…»

The phenomenon of the artist…

John Legend is a truly unique person, one of the most talented artists of our time! In the fall of 2018, he was named the youngest artist and the first African-American to join the EGOT club! “EGOT” is a designation given to outstanding individuals who have received all 4 awards: “Emmy”, “Grammy”, “Oscar” and ” Tony”. For 2020, there are only 16 such “lucky” people…

In honor of such a significant event, legend published a howling Instagram post:

“Until today, only 12 people have won all 4 awards: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony! And now Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim rice and I have joined this honourable club! We won an Emmy award for hosting their legendary show, “Jesus Christ superstar”! This is unbelievable! This is so great that I can’t believe it… I am so happy to be a part of this team!»

Speaking of rock Opera, this show, written back in 1970, was recognized as the best performed by John legend!

Personal life

Unfortunately for the fans, John legend is no longer a bachelor! Back in 2013, he and model Chrissy Teigen got engaged in Italy! The couple met in the Maldives, a few years before their wedding…

In April 2016, the young couple had their first child — baby Luna Simone Stevens! In 2018, John legend became a father for the second time! This time, he and Chrissie had a son. The boy’s name was miles, Theodore Stevens…

In the summer of 2020, the couple announced that a third child is on the way! And even though the baby wasn’t born yet, John and Chrissie named it Jack! But the joy was overshadowed by terrible grief… Already in the autumn of the same year, it became known about the complications of ongoing pregnancy… The baby was gone.

In her Instagram, a heartbroken woman and mother of two children shared the cause of the tragedy:

“This is a terrible grief… This is a pain we have never experienced before… We couldn’t stop the bleeding… There wasn’t enough blood for a transfusion… Our son is no more… But he will always be our Jack. He has already become a part of our small family…»

Interesting fact

In a show of support for Chrissie, John legend dedicated a heartfelt performance at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards to Their deceased son Jack with the song “Never Break”. This touched the audience to the core…

John legend regularly participates in various charitable projects.

The artist strongly supports the US education system, especially many appreciate his work to improve educational opportunities in poor communities. In his interview, legend stated that “every child has the right to a quality education.”

In 2018, John starred in the short film Crow: The Legend, which tells the story of the origin of native Americans.

In 2019, the legend took part in the television competition “The Voice” (the Voice).

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