James Blunt – Bones Download

Written by Kecy
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James Blunt – Bones Free Audio Download

Popular English singer, songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist and record producer James Blunt is here again with another of his interesting masterpiece titled Bones. Download below.

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“Bones Lyrics”

[Verse 1] I have never been a beautiful boy
Never liked the sound of my own voice
I wasn’t cool when I was in my teens
I never slept but I did have dreams
As I step out in this big old world
Seven billion just trying to cope and
Everyone of us someday will die
But today I never felt more alive

[Pre-Chorus] Can you feel it coming?
Can you feel it coming?
Can you feel it, feel it, feel it?

[Chorus] Running through your bones
Running through your bones
Yeah you set my heart on fire
And it’s all hot wired to my bones

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[Verse 2] I can count all the things I fear
I close my eyes but they don’t disappear
If there’s a god then there’s a guarantee
But if there’s not it’s just you and me

[Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Bridge] So kiss me before the sun falls down
Run before your legs give way
Swallow it until you drown

[Pre-Chorus] [Chorus: 2x]
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