How to Create a Music Playlist on Youtube

How to Create a Music Playlist on Youtube
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A Music playlist on YouTube is a collection of videos that will automatically broadcast in a specific order. Any user can create multiple playlists for free, or for his own enjoyment, or to share them with the entire YouTube community.

Playlists YouTube are particularly useful for listening to music, but you can create a playlist for whatever you want, even for videos that are not related to the music.

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You can create a playlist either on or on the mobile app (YouTube for iOS, or Android). Here’s how to do it.

How to Create a Music Playlist on Youtube

How to create a playlist on or the YouTube app

  1. Browse in a web browser or open the YouTube app on your mobile device.
  2. If you are not yet logged in to your Google account, select sign in in the top right corner and enter your login data to sign in.
  3. Find a video that you want to add to your reading list and navigate to it. You can rearrange the order of videos in your reading list later.
  4. Select Save from the options listed under the video.
  5. Select + Create a new playlist from the list of options that appear.
  6. Enter a name for your playlist in the Name and select if you want it to be :
    • Public : Search by all users on YouTube.
    • Not listed : anyone with the direct link can access it and look at it.
    • Private : only You can access it and look at it.
  7. Select CREATE when you are finished.
  8. Navigating to a different video that you want to add to your playlist and select Save.
  9. This time, your reading list will be displayed in the drop-down list box. Select the check box next to the playlist to add the video. If you create your list of reading from the mobile application, it can automatically save your video in your reading list as the most recent. If you decide to create multiple playlists in the future, you can always select CHANGE when a video is added automatically to your reading list with the most recent, you want to manually select the playlist where it needs to be added.
  10. Repeat steps 8 to 10 for all other videos that you want to add to your reading list.
  11. When you are ready to access your reading list, select the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen and select Library.
  12. Under the Library section, you should see the name of your new playlist. Select the playlist to go to its page to playlist. If you use the app, select your profile icon in the top right, followed by My channel.
  13. You should see a section called Create playlists under the name of your channel. Select your playlist.
  14. Select PLAY ALL on or the game red button on the application to play all the videos in the playlist. Your playlist was never to be finished. Every time that you come across a new video on YouTube, you can instantly add it to your reading list.
  15. If you want to change your playlist, go back to the page of the playlists and select EDIT on or the pencil icon on the application.
  16. You have several editing options :
    • Description: Write a brief description to make it known to the audience what is in your playlist.
    • Settings of the playlist: Change the list to play in Public, unlisted, or Private. You can also change automatically as you add new videos.
    • Delete : On select the X to the right of any video to delete it from your reading list. On the application, select the three vertical dots to the right of any video, followed by Delete the name of the playlist.
    • Drag-and-drop to reorder: On, hover your cursor on the left edge of the video to click and hold the three vertical dots that appear. You can then drag it anywhere in your reading list to reorder them. Do this with your finger on the application.

    The editing options of reading lists differ slightly between and the YouTube app. However, the main options listed above can be performed from either of the two platforms.

  17. If you want to delete your playlist on, select the three vertical dots in the top right of the page of the playlist and select Delete playlist > Yes, remove it.
  18. If you want to remove songs from your playlist on the application, select the recycle bin Icon > OK.

YouTube has set no limit to the number of playlists that can be created or the number of videos that can be included in a single selection, but some users have reportedly been prevented from creating selections if they were trying to create too in a very short time.

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How to find great playlists on YouTube

It is nice to be able to create their own playlists, but it’s also nice to see what already exists, for you do not have to create everything yourself. Here are three simple ways to find great lists of the reading public that other users have created for the YouTube community.

Search for anything and use the filter to playlist

When you perform a search on YouTube, you can search for a specific playlist.

  1. Type your search in the search field on YouTube and then click Search (or the magnifying glass ) to see your results.
  2. Select the FILTER button.
  3. Select Playlist under TYPE to filter all of the other results, with the exception of the playlists.
  4. Select any playlist to play it.

Check out the tab “Playlists” on the channels of the users

Users who have created lists of the reading public will have a section on their channels where their reading lists can be accessed and played.

  1. Visit the channel, any user in navigating to the link of his channel (as, by selecting the name of the channel on one of his videos, or searching for his channel.
  2. Select PLAYLISTS in the menu tabs above.
  3. Browse playlists and select the one you are interested in.

Keep an eye on the thumbnails playlists

The thumbnails of the playlists show an overlay of black on the right side of the thumbnail of the video with the number of videos in the playlist over an icon reading list. They can appear as suggested videos/related to the video on any video page, in the search results, and in other places.

You can save the playlists of other users in your library by searching for the record button marked by the icon menu on the plus sign. It will appear on the page reading lists (both on and on the YouTube app) or you can find it in the upper-right corner of the grey box, reading lists when you play a playlist on

Youtube is now a real jukebox global. You can find almost everything and anything in the video, films, clips, audio tracks… If you’re not watching the quality of the videos submitted nor the quality of the sound, it’s a real Ali Baba’s cave, we can spend her days.

The difficulty is that it is not possible to create lists of videos, playlists, and talk geek and share them on social networks.

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