How to add music to Instagram stories

How to add music to Instagram stories
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One of the latest innovations of the popular social network is the ability to add music to Instagram stories in June 2018. The official blog of the international platform States: “Now you can add a soundtrack to the story that fits any moment and helps you express how you feel.” And it’s really cool. Musical accompaniment will enhance your stories and make your published content more creative and diverse.

However, this feature is not available to all users in the app itself. In this article, we will show you how to decorate your stories with a suitable melody through the official Instagram App or using additional extensions.

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How to add music via the official app

If you are among those who have access to the feature in the official app, just add a “Music” sticker to your video or photo. The library searches by mood, genre, and popularity; there is a pre-listening experience. After you have selected a song, you can rewind it and select the desired part.

You can also add music before selecting a video: open the camera, scroll to the right and select “Music” under the record button. Find a song, select the desired fragment, and record a video while the song plays in the background.

How to add music to Instagram stories

How to add music to Instagram Stories on Android

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to create a music story for owners of smartphones running on the Android platform: Open the menu for recording instastoriz in the usual way for you. Take a photo, shoot a video or record a boomerang. Click on the sticker in the upper-right corner of the screen. Find the “Music” sticker in the menu that appears. In it, you can choose a specific song, or choose a song by genre, mood, or from a popular one. You can also listen to the track and switch to the desired passage before adding the music to your Instagram story. After publishing a story, it will be accompanied by a melody, and your viewers will see a sticker with the name of the song.

Creating a story with music on Instagram from your iPhone

The Instagram mobile app on iOS was the very first to receive this extension, so owners of Apple gadgets were able to try out the music function before anyone else.

To create a story with musical accompaniment, go to the stories section of publications.

From the list of suggested editing tools, select the Music icon. A list of available tracks will appear in front of you. Choose a song that matches your photo or video. To do this, you can sort audio recordings by genre, mood, and popularity among other Instagram users.

During the selection process, you can trim the track and add the desired excerpt from the song to your story.

After you post a story to your Instagram profile, your followers will be able to find out the name of the attached song when viewing it, thanks to the corresponding sticker.

Another method

Music in Instagram Stories: an alternative method (if you have an iPhone):

  1. Open your favorite music app and select the desired track.
  2. Queue the part of the song you want to play in the video using the timeline and click pause.
  3. Open Instagram and tap the top-left camera icon to create a story.
  4. Open the control center by tapping from bottom to top, then swipe left to open music settings, and then tap Play.
  5. Quickly close the control center and start recording on Instagram.
  6. Tap the ( + ) icon to add a video clip to your story.

Popular apps for adding music to Instagram stories

If the built-in feature for adding music to stories doesn’t appear on your smartphone, try updating the version of the Instagram app. But there is a possibility that this option is simply not available yet. Then you can create music stories using special editors.

Storybeat. You can use it to add audio recordings and apply small effects to photo and video stories. The app itself contains the Spotify library. In addition to music, you can attach a voice recording to your stories, create a slideshow, and record a slow-motion video.

VivaVideo. After installation, you will find not only the editor but also the camera. Once you create a new record, you can immediately edit it, add effects, apply filters, and add a music track.

PicMusic. You can edit and mount both photo and video files. Before publishing stories, you can select music from the library. There are also options for overlaying text labels and voices.

Storybeat. Adds music and short effects to videos and photos. Inside is a library from Spotify. You can add a voice to your stories, create a music slideshow, and create a slow-motion video.

Download Storybeat: App Store, Google Play

InShot. It can delete unnecessary frames and suppress noise. You can add text and stickers, and edit videos from multiple clips. You can only add music from the library on your device.

Download InShot: App Store, Google Play

PicMusic. There are an editor and editing of photos and videos, you can add music from the library, and the function of text and voice overlay is available.

Download PicMusic: App Store

How to add via screen recording

First, turn on the music. Open the desired photo or video, wait for the desired moment in the song, and turn on the screen recording.

How to go to the record:

In iOS: Settings → Control point → Customize controls → screen Recording.

In Android: the location and availability of the feature depending on the manufacturer.

You can edit or crop videos using the built-in Story editor from SMMplanner at a paid rate – the first 7 days are completely free.

When editing videos, don’t forget about the story restrictions:

For photos:

  • Format: 9: 16.
  • Size: 1080×1920 and vertical orientation.

For videos:

  • File format: .MOV, .MP4, or.GIF.
  • Resolution: from 720p.
  • Recommended aspect ratio: 9: 16.
  • Duration: 15 seconds.
  • File size: up to 2.3 GB.

At the beginning of the year, Instagram removed restrictions on the size and position of videos and photos. If the image is smaller than the recommended format, the app will automatically add fields.

When the video or photo is ready, post it via the app or create a deferred story in SMMplanner.


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