Great Revival: biography of a musical group

Great Revival: biography of a musical group

The modern rock music industry pleases listeners with an abundance of bands for every genre taste: from post-punk to hard rock, but many of them are often squeezed into the framework of their direction or too much imitate their world-famous idols.

Obviously, the modern rock fan can rarely be surprised by monotonous, familiar motifs and guitar parts, so success is increasingly coming to completely new, stand-out bands.

One of them is Great Revival – a Russian-German rock band playing in a completely new direction called “creative rock”. We can safely say that the band was not afraid to experiment with different styles, while remaining true to their usual genre.

Great Revival: biography of a musical group

During 2013-14, the geography of the band’s members expanded and Arthur, and later Leo, moved to South-East Asia, where Rozhnov basically refuses lucrative offers in Europe and Russia. In recent years, the band has been working on creating a new album called “Most Expensive”, which is being recorded at Kriss Kraker’s Studio in Thailand and a promo video: Behind the scenes. The band also plans to resume its active concert activities.

The main direction in which Great Revival works is the classic rock that everyone knows and has loved for many decades. Already familiar to listeners and not losing its relevance, this genre is still a success to this day, but the band members decided not to stop at one format of sound and try to find new solutions. Gradually, the band began to “evolve” and look for new elements of sound for their songs. In the interval between the release of the first and second albums, the band members try to combine a variety of styles in their compositions. Staying true to the genre, the band deliberately incorporated elements of subgenres such as funk, psychedelic, and pop-rock. As a result, they got a new genre, which can be called creative rock.

English-language lyrics, the main “rock language”, a certain “mix” of seemingly completely dissimilar styles, make the group “Great Revival” unique in its own way. Of course, even before this musical group, many musicians tried and still try to move from their native direction to others, to achieve a new sound and uniqueness, but most of the rock bands in this search for updating their music suffered from quality or they moved away from their style and tried to play in a different genre, which no longer touched the heart and soul of

Choosing a musical genre for the band remains one of the top priorities. It is important to find a “middle ground” between your usual, traditional sounds and new trends in other genres. At the same time, this symbiosis should not affect the quality of the released albums. Great Revival is one of the few bands that does this successfully. Musicians are looking for something new, not forgetting that the quality of this search should not suffer. Very soon, Great Revival will delight listeners with new songs: the band is developing fruitfully and preparing for new performances with an updated line-up.

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