Enya – The Forge of the Angels Download

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Enya – The Forge of the Angels Free Audio Download

Marking the return of the Loxian language for the first time since the album of its inception, “The Forge of the Angels” was initially believed to be an instrumental piece. Once again slowing the pace of Dark Sky Island, it continues the story of the Loxian people created by lyricist Roma Ryan but in retrospective terms, bridging a gap between “Aldebaran” and the songs “Less Than a Pearl” and “The River Sings”.

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“The Forge of the Angels Lyrics”

[Verse 1] Day day o um day o um
Day o um day o um ay o um

Ee o rhay a rhay menemmay
A day rhay da rhay dayee
O phen ayla may ayee (A ayee)
Rhayee o ay

[Interlude] [Verse 2] Ee o ay dadaay ayoay
Ay dadanay
Dadanay nayonay

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[Interlude] [Verse 3] Ee o ay rhaay menemmay
Ee o ay ah ayoee o ee o ay a ay ay o
Ee o ee o ay

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