Eminem – Paul Rosenberg Download

Written by Kecy
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Eminem – Paul Rosenberg Free Audio Download

Eminem, up with another bright one which he tagged “Paul Rosenberg“. Made available for you here.

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“Paul Rosenberg Lyrics”

[‘My Name Is’ plays in the background] [Eminem:] Paul, you’re obviously not going to help me with this. I can see that. So…
Nah it’s cool, don’t worry about it

[Paul:] I’m Sorry, I’m just trying to organize it

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[Eminem:] Okay, well I’m just trying to do some fucking drops that got fucked up that… Sorry

[Paul:] Really?

[Eminem:] Yeah

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[Paul:] Alright, well, maybe… maybe… uh… you wanna start over? What do you wanna do?

[Eminem:] I don’t know. Are. You probably haven’t been listening. I think that this one is okay

[Vocal Scratching] [Public Enemy #1 starts playing in the background] [Eminem:] Good Morning! Welcome to the Shady Classics Mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid

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