DMX – My Niggas Download

Written by Kecy
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DMX – My Niggas Free Audio Download

Starting the track off with lines from his JAY-Z collaboration “Money, Cash, Hoes,” DMX goes into a track that, according to producer Swizz Beatz, was only intended to be a quick skit

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“My Niggas Lyrics”

[Intro] Just cause I love my niggas (Ruff Ryders)
I shed blood for my niggas (Ryde or die)
Let a nigga holla, “Where my niggas?” (Get down or lay down)
All I wanna hear is, “Right here, my niggas!” (We here nigga!)
You won’t take this from me, baby!
You will not take this from me, baby!
Ya know! Grrrrr!

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[Verse] (My niggas) Some niggas that you don’t wanna try
(My niggas) Some niggas that’s really do or die
(My niggas) Will have you cowards ready to cry
(My niggas) Will fry
(My niggas) Will rob
(My niggas) Keep niggas on they fuckin’ job
(My niggas) Know what it’s like when shit gettin’ hard
(My niggas) Stay pullin’ you other niggas cards
(My niggas) It’s God
(My niggas) We’ll shine
(My niggas) Just knew it was a matter of time
(My niggas) Let me know to keep fuckin’ with the rhymes
(My niggas) Ain’t no longer livin’ with crime
(My niggas) Is fine
(My niggas) Is good
(My niggas) Keep you niggas knocking on wood
(My niggas) Know how to take it back to the hood
(My niggas) Will put you down right where you stood
(My niggas) They could
(My niggas) They will
(My niggas) Take you straight to the back & get ill
(My niggas) Give it straight to the back when we kill
(My niggas) Put niggas on ice til they chill
(My niggas) Is still– (My niggas) Is dogs!
My niggas

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