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Bow Wow – Outta My System Free Audio Download

On “Outta My System,” Bow Wow enlists T-Pain as he addresses his break up with long time partner Ciara over alleged cheating rumors with Ashley R.–a video vixen and one of Ciara’s friends.

Bow Wow cleared the air on a 2007 interview with MTV stating that:

It deals with a situation I was in, for sure. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to listen to that song and know what I’m talking about or who I’m talking to. That’s why I did it. That once again deals with the price of fame.

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“Outta My System Lyrics”

[Intro] Oooooh, Damn!
I mean I just keep thinkin about you (awww baby)
I mean I wanna move on but I can’t move on (oh, oh, oh, ooooh)
It’s like you got some kind of hold on me
And I don’t know
But I’m a go ahead and talk about it

[Verse 1: Bow Wow] I’m sitting looking out the window like damn
Trying to fix this situation that’s at hand
You still running through my mind – when I’m knowing that you shouldn’t be
Me all on ya mind, I’m knowing that it couldn’t be
Cause you ain’t called, and I ain’t even appalled
I still got a lot of pain, I ain’t dealt with it all
I been running ’round with other chicks – I’m single and they loving it
I’m liking it, but I just want the one that I was in love with
That’s not the end of it – I’m trying to let you go
I can’t get a grip of it, is what I’m trying to let you know
You gotta hold of some kinda control on me
I don’t know what it is – but I gotta get you gone from me
I’m working at it and it ain’t getting no better
Just trying to be like “yeah, forget it, whatever”
Instead of staring out this glass – looking at this bad weather
Damn I gotta pull myself together, cause…

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[Hook: T-Pain] When I’m with somebody, all I think ’bout is you
When I’m all alone – that’s all I wanna do
I miss the smiley faces in my sidekick, out of town visits
All the time we spent together, makes it hard to get you outta my system
You know what you do to me (do to me) you don’t even understand
Damn you know what you do to me (do to me)
It’s so hard to get you outta my system

[Verse 2: Bow Wow] I’m too attached my heart want let me fall back
I got it bad that’s what you can call that (ah)
And when I see you in the streets that’s the worse for me
Use to love the little things you did, that’s what works for me
It’s too major, don’t see you in my pager
Know what you doing?, where you at?, or can I see you later?
The fellas telling me just let her go Bow
Believe me I’m trying man I just don’t know how
I be in all the hot spots – leaving with the hot shots
Knowing they just want me cause I’m the top spot
That’s not popping, and my brain ain’t stopping
Thinking who she with? Or where she going? Is she club hopping?
I never had this kinda problem in my life
This is my first time dealing with this kind of fight
It’s every night, and every flight, and every time you in my sight
Damn, this ain’t even right….cause

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