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Big Sean – Smoke & Drive Free Audio Download

America’s talented rapper Big Sean who signed with Kanye West GOOD Music is here with another astounding track titled “Smoke & Drive”. Right here for your fast download


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“Smoke & Drive Lyrics”

[Hook] [Mike Posner]:
Roll the windows up when you get in the car, and I’mma light one up
Hit the gas station go and buy a cigar and a philly blunt
Every time I breathe it’s like I’m taking a puff, turn my music high
Roll the windows up, when I smoke and drive

[Verse One] [Big Sean]:
All black car (car)
Three percent tint
I can clearly see out
But you can barely see in
The end and only end
We blowing Indo-nesia
And I’m a let it hit til I get amnesia
I’m crazy the haze got me hazy I’m lazy
Tell Ben that it Something About Mary and clearly (what)
I’m so outta here you can say a nigga spacey (damn)
Pocket full of papers so I’m finnin to get some papers (yeah)
Bout to inhale like I’m finnin to see Satan (what)
Bout to exhale like I’m finnin to see my savior
So get the leaves and trees like it’s autumn
Have them windows all rolled up rolled em and told em man

[Hook] [Verse Two] [Donnis]:
First of all til you ball like this
You don’t put this type of piff in your swish
Get it?
We smoking on that Poison call it Michael Bivins
So if you selling to me then you gotta lucrative business
Apprentice what you blow while I’m smoking on that CEO
Top notch I got fruit by the foot in my fruit roll up
No cuts no stems no seeds straight THC indeed
I’m tryna get stoned like I stared into Medusa eyes
You ain’t got green, well somebody tell me who supply
So I can buy wholesale for the low
Like Costco or Sams
You got some? Well damn!

[Verse Three] [Jackie Chain]:
I don’t smoke phillies pass me a swisher
Bumping Pimp C pouring out a little liquor
Trunk full of kicker blunt full of OG
Ride behind tint cause these jack boys know me
Smokin’ sour diesel out of NYC
Keisha Cole in ATL Obama kush in DC
Which one’s better? Roll up I need a tie breaker
Take a ride downtown man I’m higher than these skyscapers
Roll the windows up tryna get my smoke on
Two in the morning still riding with my locs on
Fuck the police what these pigs gon’ tell me?
Smoking bud at lights like X off of Belly
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