How to get over a breakup: 17 best songs to forget your ex

We all know that breakups are tears, tantrums, and overwhelming sadness. But we also know that breakups have their own charm. Such powerful experiences are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creativity, especially for making music.

The editorial Board of Mp3how has prepared a playlist of songs that will help you heal a broken heart and survive a breakup. There are 17 of them. All in order to make it easier to bear such a painful period.

Needed Me – Rihanna


We offer an ideal option for the outburst of all negative emotions. Imagine that you are shouting the words of this song in your ex’s face. And the line Tryna fix your inner issues with a bad bitch is the best thing you can wish for it.

Thanks 4 Nothing – Nilufer Yanya

British indie starlet Nilüfer Yanya gave us the song Thanks 4 Nothing. Unearthly pop sound combined with garage rock sounds is the perfect way to say goodbye.

Your Dog – Soccer Mommy

Your Dog is an eloquent description of the condition experienced by a person who has gone through a breakup. After the breakup, each of us experiences a number of specific States: resentment, anger, longing, love, and then again resentment, anger… and so on in a circle. Special thanks to Sophie Ellison for the kick in the form of the phrase: “I don’t want to be your rowing dog”, which helps you finally and irrevocably say goodbye to your ex!

Unhappy – Outkast

“You can have fun when you are truly happy!” is the key line of the song, which you should remember as a mantra until you are ready to return to the love front.

Loose – Daniel Caesar

R&B artists are no less affected by unrequited love than others. And Daniel Sezar is a great example of that. The right breakup of a toxic relationship is what Loose’s song is all about.

Broken Clocks – SZA

As the most respected “bad girl” of our generation, SZA shares advice on how to leave grudges and close the door behind you without losing your feminine dignity.

Can’t Get Enough of Myself – Santigold ft. BC Unidos

“I can’t get enough of myself” is the most convincing self – love anthem in the world (and it’s not hyperbole). With this energetic composition, Santigold encourages you to love only yourself and no one else!

Tears Dry On Their Own – Amy Winehouse

Tears Dry On Their Own will help you understand what is really important to you in life. We quote a line from the song: “I don’t understand why I suffer for a person when there are so many beautiful things around, just at hand.”

It’s Not Right But It’s Okay – Whitney Houston

The song sounds like an ordinary dance track. However, if you listen to the text, it becomes clear that everything is not so simple. It’s an emotional tale of lies and deception in a relationship, coupled with the incredible vocals of Queen Whitney.

Unrequited Love – Lykke Li

Sadness and sexuality in one bottle – that’s how you can describe the creativity of the Swedish nymph. Unrequited Love is a classic song about lost love.

Can We Still Be Friends – Todd Rundgren

Let’s dilute our “ex, goodbye forever” playlist with a song that gives hope that friendship after love is possible. “Can we still be friends?» From Todd Randgen is the answer.

Godspeed – Frank Ocean

Let’s learn from Frank’s generosity. “I give up my rights to you. This is the free world, ” he sings.


Ex-Factor – Lauryn Hill

The song is about the feelings that we experience from realizing the end of a relationship. It is also about feelings that come to us afterward. Specifically, about longing and trying to hold on to your loved one.

Cry Me A River – Justin Timberlake

We are not sure that anyone other than Timberlake would have been able to turn infidelity into a pop hit so skillfully.

Cranes in the Sky – Solange

Solange shares her experience in trying to reclaim herself. Cranes in the Sky talks about how to come to self-realization after a bad love experience.

Everybody Knows – John Legend

Everyone knows reveals the universal truth. Absolutely no one knows what to do or how to cope with suffering. “Because everyone knows that no one knows how to relieve pain,” legend sings.


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