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Born on June 9, 1962 in Los Angeles.

Her father was a Syrian from Brazil, and her mother was a French-Canadian Jew.
After graduating from high school, Paula unexpectedly turned down a scholarship to the prestigious Juilliard, going to college in Northridge, after which she passed the competition in the group of cheer leaders of the basketball team "The Lakers".

For the next three years, Paula worked in local theater companies that staged musicals and melodramas with dancing in resort summer theaters or in the open air, and in the early 80s, she was trained by the famous choreographer and director Joseph Traim, who invited her to join the modern dance troupe "The Bell Lewitzki Company". Paul has earned a solid reputation in Hollywood and began to receive invitations to set the dance or stage movement to one or other pop stars.

One of her first major successes was the music videos for the Janet Jackson album shot in late 1985. The following year, Abdul directed videos for Tracey Ullman, then worked with George Michael, Michael Hutchence, Dolly Parton, Debbie Gibson, Luther Vandross, DURAN DURAN, ZZ TOP, and also put dances in the films "Dragnet", "Coming To America", and later in "The Doors" directed by Oliver Stone.

In 1987, MTV editors named her "choreographer of the year". In the same year, Jordan Harris of A&M Records opened the American branch of Virgin. The first people he signed were Steve Winwood and Paula Abdul.

Although her first singles were not noticed by the public, in 1989-90 songs from the album "Forever Your Girl" topped the US charts. In a matter of months, Paula's popularity spread from California to the rest of the world. She did a lot of filming, gave interviews, continued to collaborate with other artists, toured.

In January 1990, due to problems with her voice, Abdul was forced to end the tour with TONE LOC and MILLI VANILLI ahead of schedule. The scandal that destroyed the latter's career also affected her, and it took a two-year trial before Paula was cleared of suspicion.
In the spring of 1991, in the absence of new material, Virgin released an album of dance remixes, "Shut Up And Dance", which also went platinum. During this period, Abdul regularly appeared in gossip columns, won numerous awards, recorded a number for the charity album "For Our Children", published by Disney for AIDS-affected children, helped design a line of sports shoes for the company "L. A. Gear", etc. Her third album, almost as successful as the first, was released in June 1991.

The next break between albums was much longer — four years. It was filled with routine work-touring and filming, and ended in June 1995 with the release of the album "Head Over Hills".

In February 1996, Paula took part in the remake of the famous children's show series "Muppets Tonight!", and in November of the same year she married businessman and millionaire Brad Duckerman.
prizes and awards
In 1986, she won the MTV Award for Best Choreographer of the Year for her dance routines for Janet Jackson's "Nasty" music video.

In 1989, she received five MTU awards.

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