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10 "unsuitable" actors who played brilliantly  

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One of the audience's favorite pastimes is complaining about the casting of actors. Either Robert Pattinson is too pretty for Batman, or Gal Gadot is too white for Cleopatra, or Zendaya is too dark for Spider-Man's girlfriend. Too tall, too short, too old, too young... The film has not yet been shot, and it has already been given up because of allegedly unsuccessful casting. Yes, I must admit: often the fans are right, and the role is completely unsuitable for the chosen actor. But it has also happened more than once that performers in whom no one believed created truly iconic images on the screen. Today we will remember exactly about them: meet the ten most controversial, but at the same time the most successful casting decisions.

10. Liv Tyler — The Lord Of The Rings»

In principle, few people believed in the adaptation of Tolkien's monumental trilogy. Among fans, the opinion that the work of the Professor is simply impossible to transfer to the screen-this was confirmed by numerous failed attempts. And therefore, the casting tape of Peter Jackson was looked at through the fingers. The presence of such venerable veterans as Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee was certainly encouraging, but only mildly so. However, the attention of the public was caught by the name of Liv Tyler. Wait, is this the daughter of the lead singer of Aerosmith? The one who blinked in " Armageddon» Michael Bay? And in the " Brotherhood of the ring» will she also be groped by someone to the tune of her dad's song? In General, few people saw Tyler as the gentle and wise Arwen. But thanks to the efforts of Peter Jackson, the actress not only successfully embodied the book image, but also enriched it with new details. Her elven Princess is both belligerent when necessary, and sensual, and sometimes so sad that the viewer's heart aches. Not surprisingly, Arwen remains the main role in the career of the not untalented Liv Tyler to this day.

9. Matt Damon — " The Bourne Identity»

One of the most insidious traps for an actor is the image of a romantic handsome man. Leonardo DiCaprio had to prove for years that he was more than Jack from Titanic»and Robert Pattinson is still cleaning up from " Twilight». In the early noughties, Matt Damon went through the same ordeal: then, for most, he was either the smart will Hunting, or a young soldier from " Save private Ryan», or literally an angel from " Dogma» And the news that Damon will play the role of Jason Bourne did not particularly inspire fans of Robert Ludlum's spy series. It's actually about a former CIA assassin: elusive, inventive and deadly! Are you sure you don't need someone... well... tougher?"
But Director Doug Lyman seemed to know exactly what he was doing. Damon's unthreatening appearance and confused look contrasted spectacularly with the character's skills and the situations he had to get out of. Well, the dim," not Hollywood " picture and the shaking camera only increased the effect of immersion and empathy for the hero. "The Bourne Identity» it influenced not only the genre of spy thrillers, but also action films in General. This is not the least of Matt Damon's achievements.

8. Daniel Craig - " Casino Royale»

If we are talking about the influence of the "born", then nowhere is it more pronounced than in the "Casino Royale». In " Die but not now» In 2002, "Bondiana" finally turned into a parody of itself, and, despite the fees, lost the lion's share of the fan base. Then, in the image and likeness of "Identification", it was decided to land it, and the 007 agent himself was humanized. Over two hundred actors auditioned for the role, but Daniel Craig was chosen — and no one was happy about it at all. First, he is blond, which is already an unspoken taboo for bond. He would have been brown-haired, like Roger Moore or Timothy Dalton, but no, he was almost blond. Secondly, it is noticeably lower than all previous Bonds without exception. And in General, they say, look at him: no charm, no charisma.
Angry fans wrote protest petitions on the Internet, and journalists practiced wit by calling the actor "James Bland", that is, inconspicuous. And then the film came out — and the jokes ended. It turned out that in the performance of Craig bond for the first time became like a real special agent. This was because he had consulted real Mossad and MI6 operatives, trying to replicate their movements, looks, and demeanor. And it paid off. Today, Craig is so embedded in the image of 007 in the popular consciousness that the creators do not know who to replace him with.

7. Tom cruise - " Interview with the vampire»

It is one thing when some random people from the Internet swear: they sometimes do not know what they want. But when your candidacy is opposed by the Creator of the character you were assigned to play, it is probably much more demotivating. It was this unpleasant experience that Tom cruise had to go through while working on " Interview with the vampire» The writer Anne rice was strongly opposed to his playing the role of the antihero Lestat. Her personal favorite was the Briton Julian Sands, and the backup options were John Malkovich and Jeremy irons. But she definitely didn't want to see the Hollywood boy from "Top gun" in the film version» After a long argument, rice admitted that cruise really needs the picture to attract viewers, but begged the creators to at least change their roles with brad pitt: so, they say, it will turn out at least something decent. But the producers and Director Neil Jordan stood their ground — and were right. As the writer recalls, as soon as Cruz appeared on the set in makeup and full clothing, she immediately saw her Lestat, and after watching "Interview with the vampire" she personally apologized to the actor for premature criticism.

6. Ben Affleck — " Batman V Superman: dawn of justice»

Everyone who played Batman had a hard time, but Ben Affleck got even harder than the spat-over George Clooney. After all, he inherited the cloak from the Dark knight most revered by the people-Christian Bale. The task was already not easy, and Affleck at the same Time recalled the failed "Daredevil», and alcohol problems, and all the deadly sins. Ultimately, the bullying drove the actor to a serious depression, and the film itself Zack Snyder was at least controversial. But if there were successful finds in it, then one of them is Batman performed by Affleck. Sullen, cruel, paranoid and tired of endless struggle — the audience has never seen such a Gotham hero.
However, the newfound support of part of the public did not cover the barrage of criticism directed against the picture, and the further leapfrog with the DC film universe almost turned Ben Affleck away from the role. However, to the joy of many, we will still see Batfleck at least in the Director's version of " Justice League» and the Flash's solo album.

5. Gal Gadot — " Batman V Superman: dawn of justice»


If we are talking about Ben Afflek, it is impossible to ignore and his lovely partner on the screen, Gal gadot. If anyone has forgotten, her appointment to the role of Wonder woman, too, few people were happy, and the actress was scolded mainly for her figure, namely — for the bust. Allegedly, it is too small for the heroine, because most comics depicted her as a real sex bomb. But Gadot met with criticism openly and with a sense of humor: she said that today any fool with money could pump up anything she wanted, and in fact she had one more breast than the real Amazons had. According to the myths, those still in childhood burned out the second one, so that it was easier to handle weapons.

And, as was the case with all the other contestants in our selection, as soon as Diana Prince appeared on the screen, the audience immediately changed their anger to mercy. To everyone's surprise, Gal Gadot revealed not only as a stunningly beautiful model, but also as a charismatic actress, truly worthy of the title of Wonder woman.

4. Michael Keaton — " Batman»

If you think that vilifying actors is entertainment in the era of the Internet, then we hurry to convince you: previously, dissatisfied viewers were not lazy to vent their anger in ordinary letters and send them directly to the film studios. In the late eighties, Warner Bros. was inundated with such manuscripts. — and again, because of Batman». Initially, Alec Baldwin, Mel Gibson and pierce Brosnan were competing for the role of Bruce Wayne… And we ended up with Michael Keaton, who is as far removed from the action genre as possible. Then he was known mainly for romantic comedies and family dramas, although " Beetlejuice» all the same Burton somewhat diversified the filmography of the actor. Fans of comics sounded the alarm: they took this as a sign that the picture will be performed in the spirit of a funny and ridiculous series of the sixties, and Keaton will probably be dressed in a leotard of Adam West. It can't be otherwise!
As it turned out, maybe: despite his fears, Burton made a picture worthy of the Dark knight — dark and good strange. And the main character was just like her. Bruce Wayne in the performance of Keaton turned out to be a man not of this world, constantly hovering in his dark thoughts, and Batman — a formidable warrior of the night, but also funny in places. After all, the actor's comedic talent made itself felt, decorating the character with interesting details and undertones. And to this day, this variation of the hero is considered one of the best.

3. Patrick Stewart — " Star trek: the Next generation»

«Star trek» — one of the most influential franchises in pop culture, and its fanbase is vast and jealous. Therefore, as soon as the news spread in the late eighties that the series would be revived, but with other characters, the idea was immediately recognized as seditious. No one can replace Kirk and Spock. And there is no need: there are films about the old team that go out and collect a decent box office. Well, when the audience was introduced to Jean-Luc Picard, she completely lost her temper. Like, who will follow the adventures of a skinny bald old man (although Patrick Stewart was only forty-seven at the time)? Popular skepticism was shared by the Creator of "Star trek" gene Roddenberry, but the producers convinced him that no one could handle the role better than Stewart.
As a result, captain Jean-Luc Picard became a true icon of science fiction, as well as the most popular character in the entire half-century history of "Star Trek". Well, Patrick Stewart, even in his eighties, is perfectly able to cope with this role.

2. Hugh Jackman — " X-Men»

Today, it is almost impossible to imagine Logan as anyone other than Hugh Jackman. And this is despite the fact that he, frankly, does not fit the role at all: in the comics, Wolverine is a short, stocky canadian who resembles either a werewolf or a caveman. And Jackman is a tall, handsome Australian musical theater actor. There are almost no intersecting points. To compensate for the lack of external similarity, in the first " X-Men» the actor gave more than a hundred percent-that is, in some places he frankly overplayed his hand. But it worked: the audience immediately fell in love with the boorish mutant. And Jackman had another seventeen years and six films to perfect his image — an unprecedented luxury.

1. Heath Ledger — " the Dark knight»

But, of course, the entire selection comes down to one performance, which is rightly called one of the best in the XXI century. Heath Ledger, in fact, single-handedly destroyed the concept of "miscast". Well, or at least it should have been. No one believed in his Joker except Christopher Nolan: no one could imagine that the greatest comic book villain would be played by a blond man from "the knight's Story» and " Brokeback mountain» The already mentioned trap of the "romantic handsome man" was working, from which Ledger was trying with all his might to get out. And I got out — though in a way at the cost of my life. Among the actor's entourage, there is an opinion that he invested so much in the role that he drove himself to death. And this can be believed, because every scene with the Joker in the " Dark knight» inimitable: his mannerisms and voice simply mesmerize the viewer. Together with Nolan, Ledger created a sinister image worthy of standing in the same line as Anthony Hopkins ' Hannibal Lecter and the great Marlon Brando's Colonel Kurtz.
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